How Long Are Contracts For Teaching English Abroad?

One of the many great benefits of earning your TEFL TESOL Certification and teaching English abroad is the diversity within the job market and the versatility it offers you when it comes to how long you actually work in the field.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of jobs teaching English in more than 80 countries worldwide in different types of educational institutions from pre-schools and grade schools to private language institutes and summer camps.

Where will schools hire me in advance to teach English abroad?

Around the world there are many countries where schools will interview and hire teachers in advance before they leave their home countries.  From Asia to Latin America you have options!  Take a look at each Country Profile below to learn more, or reference our Country Comparison Chart

What are hiring seasons for teaching English abroad?

When is the best time of year to find work teaching English abroad? Learn more.

In many regions, ESL job markets are cyclical and hiring is seasonal.  Understanding language school hiring seasons and how ESL job markets work is critical to getting hired as an English teacher in many of the largest ESL job markets around the world.