How Can I Transfer Money Home While Teaching English Abroad?

By Lynda Galea

Wondering if and how you can transfer funds back home while traveling & teaching English abroad? Many English teachers abroad need to be able to transfer extra money home so they can meet financial obligations like making student loan payments. Transferring money home from a foreign country unfortunately isn’t always as easy as opening the Venmo app on your cell phone and punching in an amount to send. There are many factors to consider such as transfer fees, exchange rates, and the time it takes the recipient to actually receive the funds you are sending.

While this may seem confusing, there are many services, both in-person and online, that are available to aid you in transferring money home while abroad. Let’s discuss a few of the more popular and trusted options.

How do I Get a Cell Phone When Teaching English Abroad?

By Lindsay Campher Krasinski

I’m addicted. You’re addicted. We are all addicted to our phones. It’s true. Our eyes are glued to our screens. Rarely do our smart phones actually come in contact with our ears these days. When you are concerned about a cell phone abroad you are probably concerned about texting, instagramming at will, checking the latest snap or news story. Then while traveling, your phone will serve as a map, translator and even a travel agent. Here are some tips to keep you connected while abroad. 

What are the Stages of Culture Shock? [Video]

Heard about culture shock?  Worried that you will have problems adjusting to life in a new country when you first move abroad? It's natural to face challenges when moving to a new country where you might not know the language, the culture, or even any friends, but being prepared can help you meet these challenges.  Watch this video featuring ITA Instructor Wayne Walker to gain an understanding of the stages of adjustment that you may go through when move abroad, particularly for the first time.

What are Dress Codes for English Teachers Abroad?

By: Jeff Penick

The dress code for English teachers abroad is truly going to vary from country to country and more specifically, school to school. Some schools will require business attire (shirt and tie or even a suit for men and a pant suit or skirt and dress shirt/jacket for women). On the other end of the spectrum, some schools will be perfectly fine with teachers wearing very casual clothes like a basic t-shirt and jeans.

As a general rule of thumb, whether you are interviewing for a teaching job or are showing up for work, err on the side of professional and conservative attire until you hear otherwise from your school.

Can I Finish ITA's Online TEL Class in Less Than 11 Weeks?

By: Shay Ames

No — you can't graduate & receive your certificate in fewer than 11 weeks, though you can work ahead and complete many assignments in advance. Also, bear in mind that once you have enrolled in your class and have completed your enrollment documents and have paid your tuition, you can begin receiving Job Search Guidance, even before your Online TEFL Class begins

You are excited to jet set and start your new life teaching English abroad, but remember, you also want to ensure your decision to live and work in a new country is accompanied by a success plan and that takes a little prep.  That’s why we’re here!

5 Reasons Why You Should Teach English Abroad Right After College

By: Felicia Braverman

No matter what phase of life you’re in, International TEFL Academy certifies people of all ages and backgrounds, and assists in helping our teachers find English teaching jobs all over the world. However, if you’re a recent college graduate, you are at a very unique point in your life where this goal can be a bit easier to obtain. At the same time, you may be feeling the pressure to "get a real job," "begin your career" or to make the move to graduate school right away. And, oh yeah, in addition you probably have to start paying down that student debt. Well, here are a few reasons why teaching English right after college is actually the right way to go regarding all of these points.

Can I Really Get "Rich" Teaching English Abroad?

Getting the Most out of Your Experience Teaching English Abroad Financially & Otherwise!

By Jeff Penick

Sometimes people will mention how they heard it is possible to get “rich” teaching English abroad. Earning a professional salary is certainly a big part of what makes teaching English abroad such a great way to live overseas. In fact, first-time English teachers with an accredited TEFL Certification can make enough to save up to $15,000 USD or more over a year in some countries in Asia & the Middle East. However, if you are mostly interested in teaching English abroad to become financially rich, teaching abroad is probably not going to land you in the "1%". That being said, if one of your primary reasons for teaching English and living abroad is to become rich in life experience, it is a safe bet that the time you spend teaching English overseas will be one of the most valuable and worthwhile periods of your entire life. Below, I will detail some ways to make your time abroad rich with experience…and I’ll also provide some tips and resources in regards to money including some of the more financially advantageous teaching markets.

Get rich abroad…with EXPERIENCE