Can I Apply for Jobs Teaching English Abroad in Multiple Countries?

Absolutely, it’s the smart thing to do!  Schools in many Asian countries predominantly interview and hire teachers in advance from abroad.  Certain Latin American and European nations like Mexico, Chile, Russia or Turkey will hire in advance as well, though the majority of positions are found on the ground. This means that if your take an online TEFL certification class, or the Chicago TEFL Class, for example, you will receive comprehensive job search guidance that will enable you to apply and interview for teaching jobs and opportunities in multiple countries and regions in the world at the same time.

What are the benefits of teaching English abroad?

How will teaching English abroad pay off in the long run?


  • Easy travel. When you live abroad it is typically much easier and less costly to travel. When you teach English in Spain, for example, you can easily hop on a train to spend the weekend in France, or perhaps Portugal, for just a couple hundred bucks. An English teacher in Korea can spend can spend as little as $500 for a week of fun and sun in Thailand or the Philippines.  Or think of teaching in Turkey, where you are just an hour or two by flight from such great destinations as Athens, Venice and Vienna; or looking the other direction, you could be in Jerusalem, Cairo, or Jordan.