Why Aren't All Countries Listed on the ITA Country Chart?

By Shay Ames

International TEFL Academy's Country Chart, which compares various aspects of teaching English in more than 50 different countries, is one of the most popular resources on the ITA website, but one question we often get is, "Why isn't this country, or that country included on the chart?"

How Long Are Contracts For Teaching English Abroad?

One of the many great benefits of earning your TEFL TESOL Certification and teaching English abroad is the diversity within the job market and the versatility it offers you when it comes to how long you actually work in the field.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of jobs teaching English in more than 80 countries worldwide in different types of educational institutions from pre-schools and grade schools to private language institutes and summer camps.

Can I Teach English in England or any English Speaking Country?

Are There Jobs for Teaching English in England, Ireland, Australia (or any English-Speaking Country)?

A native English speaker with a TEFL certification can realistically teach English in up to 100 countries around the globe from Argentina and Spain to Japan and Thailand.  Unfortunately, however, English-speaking countries are not typically viable job markets for teaching English abroad, particularly for Americans.  Why?