What are the Primary Differences Between Teaching in Europe and Asia?

By Tyler Parsons 

English teachers around the world share many similarities in their lifestyles and classrooms, from enjoying local cuisines, playing in sports leagues, exploring in regional travel, and playing an important role in local communities as an educator. While teachers may share these—and many other—similarities around the world, teachers living in Asia and Europe can expect many differences in their jobs, social lives, their schools, and even their personal lives.  Here's a quick overview..........

Where Do Schools Provide Free Housing for Teaching English Abroad?

More than a quarter of a million native English speakers are employed to teach English abroad every year.  In many cases, those teaching English overseas will be hired locally and paid by the hour without receiving major benefits like free housing and airfare, though they do typically make enough to live a comfortable middle class lifestyle . 

However there are some countries, including some of the largest job markets in the world for teaching English abroad, where it is common or even routine for schools to provide English teachers with free housing as part of their contracts.

How do I find a place to live while teaching English abroad?


Most people looking to teach English abroad are concerned regarding the questions of  “where am I going to live” and “how do I find housing in a foreign country?”  With more than 250,000 English teachers living abroad each year, it’s really a revolving door of teachers coming and going, and they all find places to live, very often with other foreign English teachers.  There are numerous ways to find housing while living abroad as an English teacher, and in most cases, the school that hires you is going to be your best resource.