What Are Salaries for Teaching English in South Korea?

What are Salaries for English Teachers in Latin America?

By Jeff Penick

Salaries for English teachers in Latin America will vary from country to country mostly depending on the cost of living in the given country. With that said, as a general rule of thumb for the region, English teachers should expect to earn a salary large enough to live a middle class lifestyle by local standards, and for the most part, break even after expenses. That means you will typically make enough money to cover your expenses (rent, transportation, food, phone, utilities, etc.) & to enjoy going out and traveling on weekends, but you shouldn't expect to save substantial sums after expenses.

Key Point! The cost of living is substantially lower in most Latin American countries compared to native English speaking countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and the UK.  So even though your salary will tend to be lower, but you will still enjoy a good standard of living.  Also, any hard currency (dollars, euros, etc.) that you bring with you will have strong purchasing power in most Latin American countries and will "go farther."  This means that your start-up costs & travel will often be much cheaper.

How Much Money Can You Earn & Save Teaching English in Thailand? [Tips & Resources]

By: Shay Ames

What's left to be said about Thailand? As I'm interviewing an International TEFL Academy staff member - who we’ll call “Erika” - she gazes out the window’s display of winter wonder-Chicago-land, and dazedly reminisces about her experience, not long ago, teaching in a warm, magical place called Thailand that is also one of the top job markets for teaching English in Asia.  

Asia is known as one of the most lucrative regions in the world & while Thailand is not the most  developed economy in Asia, it is a nation on the move and many English teachers are able to make enough to save 30%-50% of their income after expenses.  

What Does it Mean to "Break-Even" Financially While Teaching English Abroad?

By: Michael Kunik

As you embark on your research for your options for teaching English abroad, you will likely encounter the term "breaking even" with reference to salaries for English teachers overseas. Europe and Latin America are comprised of some of the most popular English teaching destinations in the world.  However, most English teachers living there only make enough money to “break even” each month. This means you can cover your bills (rent, food, ulitilies, transportation, etc.), support yourself, live comfortably, & enjoy your life abroad to the fullest, but you shouldn't expect to save money at the end of the month


Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions circling around the TEFL field about what kind of impact this financial fact will have on an English teacher’s experience abroad. Fortunately for you, I’ve taught in one of these markets (Madrid, Spain), and I know the truth about teaching English in a “break-even” country. 

How Much Money Can I Earn Teaching English Abroad?

What are salaries for English teachers overseas?

English teacher salaries abroad depend on the teacher’s position, qualifications and the country where they teach. Some examples of monthly salaries you can earn based on the region you teach English in include:

  • Asia: Japan $1,500 - $2,000 USD /mo; China $1,250 - $2,850 USD /mo; and South Korea $1,850 - $2,150 USD /mo.  
  • Latin America: Mexico $500 - $800 USD /mo; Argentina $600 - $1,100 USD /mo; and Chile $750 - $1,000 USD /mo.
  • Europe: Czech Republic $700 - $1,100 USD /mo; Germany $1,100 - $2,200 USD /mo; and Spain $1,250 - $1,850 USD /mo. 
  • Middle East: Bahrain $1,500 - $3,000 USD /mo; UAE $1,800 - $5,000 USD /mo; and Qatar $1,600 - $4,000 USD /mo.