What are the Primary Differences Between Teaching in Europe and Asia?

By Tyler Parsons 

English teachers around the world share many similarities in their lifestyles and classrooms, from enjoying local cuisines, playing in sports leagues, exploring in regional travel, and playing an important role in local communities as an educator. While teachers may share these—and many other—similarities around the world, teachers living in Asia and Europe can expect many differences in their jobs, social lives, their schools, and even their personal lives.  Here's a quick overview..........

Who will my ESL students be when I teach English overseas?


ESL students abroad come from all backgrounds, ages and walks of life. Depending on where you teach and which school you work for, you may teach ESL students abroad who are corporate executives from Fortune 500 corporations, clerks from the local hotel, or university students.  Or, you may find yourself tutoring local housewives or possibly teaching children in public schools. Bear in mind that your International TEFL Academy certification course will provide you with the skills necessary to teach a broad variety of ESL students abroad.