Teaching English 
In Colombia

Encompassing the grandeur of the Andes Mountains, the lush rainforests of the Amazon, and extensive tropical coastlines, Colombia also represents one of the most dynamic nations in South America and is a fast-growing job market for teaching English. 

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Teaching English in Colombia 101

With the nation's fast-growing economy,TEFL Certified teachers are in high demand in Colombia. With over 45 million inhabitants, Colombia has the second largest population in South America. It is also home to the fourth-largest number of Spanish speakers in the world after Mexico, the United States, and Spain, which means it provides for a great opportunity to perfect your Spanish while teaching English in Colombia. 

Twenty years ago, Colombia was a virtual no-go zone, but in recent decades the nation has become one of the most dynamic countries in Latin America and it has become much safer as well, as evidenced by a huge growth in tourism.

English teaching jobs in Colombia typically start in January - March and July - August time period. Most positions are for teaching English in private language schools, primarily to adults (business types, university students, tourism, etc.). In recent years Colombia has also launched a program to recruit native English speaking teachers to teach English to children in public schools. To learn more about the opportunities, please read: Teaching English in Colombia: Public School Opportunities.

Many English teachers work as private tutors either full-time or part-time. 

The English teaching job market in Colombia is very strong in Bogata, Medellin, and other larger cities. Colombia is a break-even market, which allows teachers to live comfortably while teaching 20-30 hours per week. A BA degree is often preferred but not always required. Earning a TEFL certification is key to gain employment teaching English in Colombia.

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