Top 7 Tips for Budget Travel in Europe

By: Christie Koness

Generally speaking, traveling through Europe is not the cheapest option when you compare it to Southeast Asia or Latin America.  However, there are various ways that you can save hundreds of dollars traveling through Europe without skimping on the quality of your travels.  Here are our suggestions for experiencing a less expensive, budget friendly time while, traveling, living and teaching English in Europe.

Top 10 Must Bring Travel Gadgets

By: Lauren Davis 

A note to my non-tech savvy friends: I feel your pain.  As a self-proclaimed Generation X trapped in a Millenial’s body, I was shocked the first time I traveled abroad extensively and saw just what I was missing!  From universal chargers to portable wine bags- I could have saved some serious bag space.  Below is my best attempt at explaining the techy benefits of my top ten list and why I picked them for my travels through Southeast Asia, Latin America, North Africa, Europe and more. 

Top 15 Phone Apps for Living and Traveling Abroad in 2017

By: Lauren Davis

After living abroad twice and traveling to several countries in between, you’d think I’d be “fluent” in traveling abroad- WRONG . There is nothing more rewarding than international travel, but it can still be overwhelming at times.  One thing that’s always helped me is having the right technology to use in a pinch.  Trust me, our parents would have loved to have an iPhone while in Madrid or an Android in Malaysia.  Here are some of the best apps that could save you time planning, or help you out in a hurry abroad!   

Exclusive Travel Discounts for International TEFL Academy Students & Alumni

Airfare, Insurance, Accommodations:

Learn about Exclusive Travel Discounts for ITA Students & Graduates 

By Doug Waxman

At International TEFL Academy, we understand that teaching English abroad entails far more than just taking a TEFL course or signing a contract.  That is why we have created a worldwide community and network for our alumni in addition to providing personal service and support as well as lifetime Job Search Guidance through our Student Affairs Department.

Once you register for your TEFL course with International TEFL Academy, you will have access to many benefits and exclusive travel discounts afforded to all ITA alumni. Many of these opportunities and benefits are listed in the Job Search Guidance Manual that all International  TEFL Academy students and graduates receive as part of their lifetime Job Search Guidance

Listed below are many of the exclusive travel deals that all students and graduates of International TEFL Academy can take advantage of when moving overseas:

International TEFL Academy enjoys special arrangements with major student and youth travel companies such as and that enable International TEFL Academy students and graduates to take advantage of special discounts on air travel and other travel services.

Teaching English Abroad: Essential Travel Resources

By John Bentley & Stéphane Le Mentec

Teaching English abroad provides a viable, affordable and realistic way for almost any native or fluent English speaker to gain employment and enjoy the experience of living in a foreign country. At the same time, the endeavor of moving, living, working and traveling abroad requires research and planning, and matters like travel arrangements, visas, health concerns and safety.

There are loads of great resources, to help you plan and prepare for your adventures abroad.  Here are some of our top picks.

Be Inspired! Top Quotes for Travel, Exploration & Teaching English Abroad

Teaching English abroad is not just about getting a job or even about working in the field of education.  It's about challenging yourself to discover the world - and yourself.  Here at International TEFL Academy, all of our staff - including advisors, professors, those who work in Student Affairs - have lived, traveled and worked abroad, primarily as English teachers.  Here are some great quotes about travel and exploration that members of our team believe capture