Top 7 Tips for Budget Travel in Europe

By: Christie Koness

Generally speaking, traveling through Europe is not the cheapest option when you compare it to Southeast Asia or Latin America.  However, there are various ways that you can save hundreds of dollars traveling through Europe without skimping on the quality of your travels.  Here are our suggestions for experiencing a less expensive, budget friendly time while, traveling, living and teaching English in Europe.

Top 10 Must Bring Travel Gadgets

By: Lauren Davis 

A note to my non-tech savvy friends: I feel your pain.  As a self-proclaimed Generation X trapped in a Millenial’s body, I was shocked the first time I traveled abroad extensively and saw just what I was missing!  From universal chargers to portable wine bags- I could have saved some serious bag space.  Below is my best attempt at explaining the techy benefits of my top ten list and why I picked them for my travels through Southeast Asia, Latin America, North Africa, Europe and more. 

6 Tips for Maintaining a Blog While Teaching Abroad

By: Jessie Smith

Keeping in touch with loved ones while teaching English abroad can be challenging. Between time changes and busy schedules, it’s tough keeping everyone back home in the loop.

Starting a blog is a fantastic way to keep friends and family current on your latest adventures, teaching stories, and all of your hilarious hiccups that come with living in a foreign country.