Will My Master's Degree Help Me Teach English Abroad?

By Tyler Parsons

The short answer is, yes! A higher education degree will always look great on a resume and help you stand out amongst other candidates applying for a position teaching English abroad. While it may not guarantee you a job over another teacher without one, the experience is definitely something that will catch the attention of schools during the hiring process and lead to interviews!

With that being stated, there are still some things to consider when applying to teaching jobs with a Master’s degree.

8 Ways Speaking to a TEFL Advisor Can Help You Teach English Abroad

Yes, believe it or not, you can actually speak with an expert on international job markets for teaching English abroad.  In fact, at International TEFL Academy, it is our policy and belief that every person who wishes to teach English abroad must speak with advisor prior to enrolling in a TEFL course.

This is to ensure that each TEFL student will gain a clear understanding of what their job opportunities will be for teaching abroad and how the process of getting certified and hired actually works prior to committing time and money to enrolling in a TEFL course.