3 Reasons It’s Impossible For a Legitimate TEFL Class to Cost Under $1,000

How Much Should a TEFL Class Cost?


By Jessie Smith

  If you want to earn a professional level TEFL certification that provides you with the quality training and job placement resources and personalized support you need to land a great job, expect to pay at least $1,000 for your TEFL class.

Key questions do consider: Do you want an internationally recognized training that you can use all over the world? Do you need help with your job search? Are you going to receive a premiere training that will give you the confidence you need to run a classroom overseas?

If yes, you need to invest in a professional-level TEFL certification. Imagine your TEFL provider like a university and your TEFL course just like a college class. Your TEFL class must be taught by a university-level instructor, and internationally accredited. So when you see month-long TEFL classes for $200 or even $500, you should immediately be skeptical. Imagine even the cost of employing a university-level instructor to teach a month-long class. 

Bottom line - you get what you pay for in the industry of TEFL certification and teaching English abroad. Invest in a TEFL provider that cares about you, guides you through the process of teaching English abroad, and one that providers a top-of-the-line TEFL training class.