When to Splurge and When to Pass: Planning & Packing For Your Move Abroad

Here are Some Great Packing Tips for Teaching English Abroad

By Jessie Smith

The months leading up to your move overseas to teach English abroad can be hectic, to say the very least. You'll be attending going away parties and making sure you say goodbye to everyone, packing up old apartments and office desks, and then of course, the most important item on the to-do list: shopping.

Deciding what you actually need versus what you merely just kind of want can get tricky. So where should the money go?

Should you splurge on an abundance of high-quality toiletries or a new raincoat? How about some wall décor and furniture to make your new apartment feel nice and homey?

When preparing for your move abroad, be practical, be realistic, and make sure you’re familiar with the weather in your new home. Here’s a list of items worth splurging for and some others you should pass on before you move abroad to teach English.

What Are Basic Start-up Costs for Teaching English Abroad?

How Much Will it Cost Me to Teach English Abroad?

To move anywhere whether it is from New York to New Jersey or Chicago to Madrid, you’ll probably need to incur at least some basic start-up costs.

Depending on where you decide to teach English abroad, these costs will vary with the cost of living where you teach, travel expenses and whether you receive benefits like free housing and/or airfare from the school that employs you. For most people who teach English abroad, start-up costs typically include: