10 Best Countries for Teaching English Abroad in 2019

What are the Top Countries for English Teaching Jobs Abroad?

Author: Jessie Smith

South Korea. Spain. Mexico. China.  Which countries will make the list as top destinations for teaching English abroad in 2019?

With 1.7  billion people using and learning English worldwide, the international job market for teaching English abroad and teaching English online have never been stronger. There are new opportunities opening every single day overseas from Thailand & Mexico to Germany & South Korea. Teaching English overseas provides more opportunities than any other field for English speakers from all walks of life and all backgrounds to live, work and travel abroad in foreign countries across the globe.  

No prior teaching experience is required! However, taking an accredited TEFL certification course will allow you to gain the skills and qualification you need to get hired and to teach on the professional level.

As we look forward toward to 2019, here are 10 of the top job markets to consider as you look at your options for teaching English abroad this coming year....


6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Pay for a Job Teaching English Abroad

By: Matt Birgy

Myths, misunderstandings and misinformation. As you embark on your journey to teach English abroad, you will encounter many questions, one of the most common is: should I pay a company for a guaranteed job?  There are certainly some cases where paying a fee for a job placement or to pay for participating in a teaching program will be the best way for you to achieve your goal of living and teaching English abroad.  

Indeed, International TEFL Academy enjoys special partnerships with many excellent companies that assist and place TEFL-certified Engish teachers in jobs around the world. However, in other cases aspiring English teachers often find themselves paying up to thousands of dollars for a job that they didn't need to pay for.  Here's a sensible article intended to set the record straight and provide insights into the job market for English teachers abroad so you can avoid the costly mistake of paying for job placement when you don't have to and understand when paying for might be appropriate.

Can I Use My TEFL Certification to Teach English in the United States?

By Matthew Birgy

Yes!  You can teach English in the United States with your TEFL certification. There are millions of non-native English speakers living, working and studying in the United States and the demand for English language instruction is huge. From recent immigrants and migrant workers to business professionals moving to the United States on assignment, as well as international students studying (and enjoying a little fun in at the same time) in the States, there are students in need of English language instruction from all walks of life and corners of the globe. This creates many opportunities and formats for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) here in the United States.

Top 10 Articles about Teaching English Abroad in 2012

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10. I Have Student Loans - How Can I Teach English Abroad?

Let's face it, finances are a major concern for most of us contemplating a major endeavor like teaching English abroad, but even if you graduate from college with substantial student loans, there are ways that you can make teaching abroad financially viable, and even save substantial sums.  From ways that you can postpone loan payments, like deferment and forbearance, to countries where you can teach and make enough to make student loan payments and still save extra money for travel, here are some great tips for how you can teach English abroad and enjoy the international experience of a lifetime without compromising your finances.

Top 10 Biggest Job Markets for Teaching English Abroad

What are the biggest job markets for teaching English abroad?

With more than a billion and a half people taking some form of English course each year in nearly every country on earth, the world is in a sense one big job market for qualified English teachers.  Realistically, a native English speaker with a college degree and an accredited TEFL certification can teach English abroad professionally in 80 countries or more and even those without a degree who do get TEFL certified can teach in up to 50 countries.  That said, certain countries have higher demand and offer more opportunities than others.