5 Best Places to Teach English in Japan

By Jimmy Soller [Guest Author] 
Editor & Founder of JimmyESL.com

With all of the places to teach English abroad, Japan will always remain at the top or near the top of most people’s list. If you’ve ever spent time there, it’s easy to see why. There is no other country like Japan—an idiosyncratic blend of East Asian culture with a modern high tech twist that has fascinated visitors for decades.

While the days of teaching English in Japan when a native English speaker could literally arrive in a city and find a job within a week is long over, it still a great place to teach English. Sure, the job market there for teaching has become quite competitive, but there is work to be had, especially if you possess an accredited TEFL certification. For all the talk about Japan’s ‘struggling economy’, it’s still the third largest economy in the world. So while you are not going to get rich teaching in Japan, one can still live a comfortable lifestyle even on a teacher’s salary. Of course, the smaller the city, the lower the cost of living.

Top 8 ITA Alumni Q&A about Teaching English Abroad from 2014

Throughout the past year, we received dozens of fantastic Q&As from International TEFL Academy Alumni who are teaching English all across the globe. Listed below are 8 of our top examples from our graduates teaching anywhere from Peru and Turkey, to Japan and Spain. Thank you so much to our alumni for taking the time to create these highly informative Q&As and sharing their stories and experiences teaching English abroad!

Teach English in Japan & Experience the Sakura Cherry Blossoms of Spring


Japan is a nation known for its fantastic festivals and annual celebrations, but perhaps none is more famous than the festivities that accompany the arrival of the cherry blossoms each spring. From late March through early May, cherry blossoms bloom across Japan, welcoming spring with a burst of color unlike any other. For those teaching English in Japan, the arrival of the cherry blossoms is a certain highlight of their stay in Japan, one of the top job markets in Asia and the world for teaching English abroad.

Teaching English in Japan: Discover Osaka - The City of Kuidaore

Do you want to live in one of the most historic and cosmopolitan cities in Asia?Thinking of teaching English in Japan? Do you love Japanese cuisine & culture?

It may not boast the romantic reputation of Kyoto or the status of an international capital like Tokyo but if you are searching for an authentic Japanese experience while teaching English abroad in a world class city, Osaka is definitely a destination worth considering. Home to 2.5 million people - though its population nearly doubles during the day  -  it is at the heart of the Keihanshin metropolitan area, which is home to nearly 20 million people.

6 More Great Reasons to Teach English in Tokyo Japan - Host City of the 2020 Summer Olympiad

Looking to enjoy the international experience of a lifetime living and teaching English in one of the world's largest and most unique cities?

Tokyo is certainly one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Capital of Japan and located on the southeastern side of the main island Honshu in the shadows of Mount Fuji, Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the world, with an estimated 35 million people living in Greater Tokyo. Blending ancient with modern, Tokyo combines centuries of cultural traditions with some of most innovative and advanced technology, infrastructure and architecture on the planet. It boasts fantastic shopping, exquisite eating, some of craziest nightlife and centuries of history.