Happy Chinese New Year! Teaching English in Asia During Holidays

恭喜发财 - “Congratulations and Be Prosperous!"  

Greetings to nearly 2 billion people in China, Asia and throughout the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year, the most important holiday of the year for millions from Shanghai to Singapore. Centuries old and based in ancient Chinese myth and tradition, the “Spring Festival” as it is known in China is a two-week celebration centered around family gatherings, special foods and other traditions that vary from region to region. Many of these customs revolve around the ideals of reflecting on oneself and ushering in good fortune for the New Year.  The Lunar New Year in 2019 begins on February 5 and is the Year of the Pig.  From ChinaKorea and Vietnam to Taiwan and Malaysia, this holiday is a cultural focal point in many of the most popular destinations for certified English teachers.  

10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Move to Teach English in Hong Kong

By Tyler Parsons 

The Peak

One of the most iconic shots of Hong Kong, The Peak provides 360 degree views of the city and Victoria Harbour. Visitors to The Peak can enjoy a nice uphill stroll, but make sure to bring your good walking shoes and a water bottle, as it can be steep! Not feeling the exercise? That’s cool too- just catch the tram that shows off the beauty of the mountain side.

Once at the top, enjoy lunch, coffee shops, or snap a photo on the observation deck.

Teach English in Asia's World City: Hong Kong

Known for its stunning skyline, bustling street life  and fantastic cuisine, Hong Kong is a city of contrasts where East and West truly meet. A modern, vibrant and cosmopolitan center of world commerce and finance, Hong Kong also offers plenty of traditional culture, colorful street life and great cuisine and shopping. Its history and its present have been shaped by Cantonese Chinese and British influences, but as a city of the world, this is place where you can meet people and eat food from nearly every corner of the globe from Vietnam to Italy. Ruled by Britain from 1841 - 1997, Hong Kong is now officially part of China, but retains its own government, law, immigrations controls and financial system. While its population is Chinese and speaks primarily Cantonese, Hong Kong's British roots and its role as an international center of trade and finance translate into huge demand for English skills and English teachers. That’s why if you want to live in this fantastic city, teaching English in Hong Kong may provide you with the opportunities you are looking for.

Hong Kong: The Asian Hotspot of English Teaching













Heung Gong in Cantonese, or “Fragrant Harbor” when translated into English, Hong Kong is an island of concentrated wealth, beauty, and vitality. Seized by the British in 1841 and handed off to the Chinese in 1997, history has shaped the city into the economic and cultural hub of Asian enterprise that it is today.