Immunizations, Prescriptions, and Mental Health Abroad

By Glenn Schneider

You’ve done it! You’ve completed your TEFL course, started to apply for jobs, and sorted through all the paperwork you need to get abroad. Maybe you have even started packing. But, have you scheduled an appointment with your doctor? If not, do so ASAP! And when you go, tell them where you are going and ask them about three things: Immunizations, prescriptions, and mental health abroad. 

9 Tips for Staying Healthy While Teaching English Online

By Lynda Galea

Teaching English online from the comfort of your home (or from a remote location while traveling) can present a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to your health.

In theory, it should be easier to remain healthy when you’re teaching English online from home, right? No tempting office snacks, no one bringing in donuts or cake, you can cook nutritious meals when you get hungry and you can work out whenever you want!