What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Germany?

Requirements for Teaching English in Germany

By Danielle Lupo

The basic requirements to teach English in Germany include having a TEFL certification and being a native English speaker. It's also extremely important to understand the hiring and visa process for English teachers in Germany. You should expect to find your teaching job in-person in Germany, and you should be sure that you plan to interview during the peak hiring season in either January or September. The basic qualifications required by schools for teaching English in Germany are outlined in detail below:

9 More Reasons to Love the World Cup while Teaching English Abroad

By Matt Birgy

English teachers abroad experience life in a foreign country as authentic as it comes.  Living as a local while teaching English abroad in a nation like ArgentinaMexico or South Korea provides the opportunity of a lifetime to immerse yourself in local celebrations, unique cultural events and national holidays in ways a tourist just can’t.

This includes sport, and rightfully so.  The grandest international spectacle of them all, the FIFA World Cup, brings out the pride and identity of a nation like none other. Sure, we air it on television here in the United States and pockets of fans gather to enjoy matches, but this doesn't hold a candle to the "Total Fandom" you'll experience actually living in a soccer nation across the globe, like Spain, Germany or Brazil, where the sport is followed with a passion and fervor, Duke basketball and Green Bay Packer fans can only dream of rivaling.

5 Highlights to Explore while Teaching English in Munich, Germany

Home to the world’s famous Oktoberfest, Hofbräu beer & one of the top soccer clubs in the world (Bayern Munich), Munich is without doubt one of the most famous and visited cities in Europe. Th city offers a fantastic mix between the old and new that includes great architectural attractions, international sport, music and art events and also one of the best transportations systems in the world. It’s also the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria and it’s located on the River Isar at the foot of the Bavarian Alps.

Famous TV Characters & Where They Would Teach Abroad

By Tyler Parsons

Recently we took a look and shared 15 celebrities who took the leap to teach English abroad before they were famous (we’re not saying teaching English abroad will make you famous— unless you can act like Ed Norton or make a living pranking Dwight) and it got us thinking a bit.

What if fictional TV characters had the choice to teach English abroad? Would they jump on the opportunity, and if so, where in the world would they teach? And since there is no wrong answer here, we figured we would take an educated guess or seven.

The Top 9 Public Transportation Systems Around the World

So you're moving halfway across the world to teach English abroad. The thought of waiting in the cold for a stalled train or not having right correct local currency to take the bus is enough to make you never venture out, especially when living in a foreign country. Indeed, wondering how you will get around is something that many first-time travelers and teachers worry about as they contemplate their options.

Not to worry, future teachers, your mind is about to be blown by some of the most efficient, clean and flat out cool transportation systems from abroad. Here are our top choices!

Teaching English in Germany: 12 Top Festivals and Cultural Highlights

The reasons to live and teach English in Germany are many. From the outstanding landscapes of Bavaria and the beer halls of Munich to the historic monuments of Berlin and the charm of Heidelberg, Germany is a country rich with culture, history, and stunning natural beauty.  If you seek to experience medieval castles, grand palaces, exquisite gardens, and picturesque villages, you will find it all in Germany.