What You Need to Know Before Moving to Spain to Teach English (The Ultimate Super Cheat Sheet)

Getting a job teaching English in Spain takes a lot of planning and knowledge about the teaching market, especially for Americans. Here are some key items you need to know in order to ensure a smooth transition to life abroad and successfully secure a teaching job.

Hiring Seasons - September/October & January are prime hiring periods.

 Visas - The type of visa will depend on your nationality and your job.

 Locations - Madrid is the top job market; Barcelona & Bilbao are other top options.

 Finding Jobs - Plan on being on the ground in Spain to interview during hiring seasons.

 Interviewing - Be prepared to interview face-to-face with your TEFL certificate & sample lesson plans in hand.

 Resources - From expert advisors to local job boards, ITA grads receive all the resources they need to get a good job teaching English in Spain.

Bilbao: The Undiscovered Gem for Teaching English in Spain

Looking for an ideal location to teach English in Spain?

Located on the northern coast of Spain, the port city of Bilbao has been a major center of culture, education, industry and commerce in the heart of Spain's Basque Country for centuries. Capital of Vizcaya, greater Bilbao has a population of approximately 1 million people and while cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Seville are better known and boast more sex appeal, Bilbao offers a classic Spanish experience and then some!