Happy Chinese New Year! Teaching English in Asia During Holidays

恭喜发财 - “Congratulations and Be Prosperous!"  

Greetings to nearly 2 billion people in China, Asia and throughout the world who are celebrating the Lunar New Year, the most important holiday of the year for millions from Shanghai to Singapore. Centuries old and based in ancient Chinese myth and tradition, the “Spring Festival” as it is known in China is a two-week celebration centered around family gatherings, special foods and other traditions that vary from region to region. Many of these customs revolve around the ideals of reflecting on oneself and ushering in good fortune for the New Year.  The Lunar New Year in 2019 begins on February 5 and is the Year of the Pig.  From ChinaKorea and Vietnam to Taiwan and Malaysia, this holiday is a cultural focal point in many of the most popular destinations for certified English teachers.  

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Salaries, job markets, TEFL certification & classes... International TEFL Academy Advisors talk about their English teaching experience in Asia. Watch them share tips and advice about teaching English in South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Thailand!

6 Things You'll Want to Bring from Home When You Move to Taiwan


By Felicia Braverman

You’ve got your plane tickets squared away. You’ve got your parents’ blessings and friends’ well wishes. You’ve even downloaded a few Mandarin apps to give you a jumpstart on learning the language. And now for the final, most exciting step - packing your bags! As you prepare your luggage for the year ahead, here are a few items I strongly recommend bringing to Taiwan from the U.S. I promise you will thank me later!

Teaching English in Vietnam: Celebrating Tet - The Lunar New Year

"Chúc mừng năm mới!"

"Happy New Year" in Vietnamese and greetings on Tuesday - February 5, 2019 as the Vietnamese welcome the "Year of the pig!" Known as "Tet," the Vietnamese celebration of the New Year represents the most important annual holiday in Vietnamese culture, and is a certain highlight for those teaching English in Vietnam. Through trade, geographical proximity and invasion, Vietnam, like many nations in Asia, features strong cultural influences from China, and celebrates the New Year according to the same lunar calendar. While there are some parallels between the Vietnamese celebrations of Tet and Chinese Lunar New Year, the Vietnamese version is unique and distinct in many facets.

Worldly Watering Holes: English Teachers & ITA Staff Pick Their Favorite Bars Around the Globe


By Helen Schenck

Here at International TEFL Academy we like to believe we are experts in a couple of things: advising students on teaching abroad, training them to go teach, and assisting them in actually finding work abroad! But, beyond that, there is one thing that each member of our staff is definitely an expert on: finding a good drink! As a staff who has traveled to over 80 countries around the world, we can easily say that we have been to some of the best, worst, smallest, biggest, most popular, and most hidden bars in the world! Below are some tips from the expert drinkers at ITA on bars all around the world that you need to check out!

3-Month English Home Tutoring & Cultural Exchange in China

By Shay Ames

Are you between school as a student? A teacher? Do you have a three month window of opportunity to teach abroad & experience the international adventure of a lifetime?

International TEFL Academy is proud to offer our students & alumni a unique opportunity to teach English in Beijing or Shanghai, China while living with a local family for three months! This unique program exclusively available to ITA students & graduates provides a fantastic short-term teaching opportunity in one of the historic nations on earth.

Famous TV Characters & Where They Would Teach Abroad

By Tyler Parsons

Recently we took a look and shared 15 celebrities who took the leap to teach English abroad before they were famous (we’re not saying teaching English abroad will make you famous— unless you can act like Ed Norton or make a living pranking Dwight) and it got us thinking a bit.

What if fictional TV characters had the choice to teach English abroad? Would they jump on the opportunity, and if so, where in the world would they teach? And since there is no wrong answer here, we figured we would take an educated guess or seven.

10 Photos That Will Inspire You to Move to Teach English in Hong Kong

By Tyler Parsons 

The Peak

One of the most iconic shots of Hong Kong, The Peak provides 360 degree views of the city and Victoria Harbour. Visitors to The Peak can enjoy a nice uphill stroll, but make sure to bring your good walking shoes and a water bottle, as it can be steep! Not feeling the exercise? That’s cool too- just catch the tram that shows off the beauty of the mountain side.

Once at the top, enjoy lunch, coffee shops, or snap a photo on the observation deck.