The Art of English Teaching in Barcelona Spain

The Art of English Teaching in Barcelona Spain

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Barcelona is located of the autonomous region of Catalonia, deep in the most northeastern corner of Spain. A stylish, elegant, and culturally renowned city with an enticing slice of shoreline, it reveals a unique side of the Spanish soul. With a TEFL certification, you can work in Barcelona and make a living teaching English.

Barcelona’s tastes tend toward the extravagant - dinners at midnight, clubs catering to any and all musical cravings, and buildings that elsewhere exist only in the imagination. On the weekend, locals head to the seaside to stroll along the waterfront, sip mojitos and dine on freshly prepared paella.

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Barcelona’s main avenue, La Rambla, is the heart of the city and famous for it’s many bars, museums, and irrefutable sense of enthusiasm. Much of the city can be taken in from the street- from architectural treasures to the raucous social scene barely contained within the open boulevards, cafes are a good and inexpensive vantage point from which to see the real Barcelona. Days here are long; Barcelonans wake up early but don’t typically commence with tapas and evening entertainment until 9.

Traditional bodegas, late night lounges, and funky tapas haunts are in no short supply in Barcelona. The sheer number of bars (the highest per capita of anywhere in the world) indicates their multi-functional role in Barcelona’s social order. The counters of social clubs and sofas of hookah lounges serve to facilitate conversation between Catalonians, beginning with a strong cup of coffee in the morning and ending with la penultima, the final drink of the night with friends. Bars are replete with local brews as well as excellent wine from the north of Spain.

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Catalan, a Romance language similar to the old Provancal language used in France, continues to be spoken by some eight million people in the region. It has always been a living language, conveying a sense of nationalistic pride, even when banned by the dictatorship it was preserved in the homes of Catalonians.
All throughout Catalonia is an exceptional collection of medieval buildings and world-renowned art pieces. These gems of art history have managed to withstand both years of war and threats of modernization, many dating as far back as the 11th and 12th centuries. Some frescoes and furniture from the region are housed in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya in Barcelona, which has the world’s largest collection of Romanesque art and artifacts. The area is truly blessed with a creative spirit- Salvador Dali was born here, and it was in Barcelona where Pablo Picasso spent his most formative years. Modernisme, led by Antoni Gaudi, is visible in the fantastical forms and vibrant shades that color much of the city.

While working as English teacher in Barcelona you will be at the center of the lively culture of this energetic city. With your TEFL certification, you will be able to tackle many of the grammatical questions students throw your way, and feel comfortable instructing business professionals as well as school-age children. Your salary will afford you the opportunity to travel throughout the region, within the country of Spain, and all around Europe.

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