Video: Meet An International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Course Instructor

Video: Meet An International TEFL Academy Online TEFL Course Instructor

Meet Adrian Ortiz, one of International TEFL Academy's online course instructors! At International TEFL Academy, all instructors, including for the 170-Hour Online TEFL Certification Course, possess advanced degrees in TESOL (at least an MA, and usually a PhD) in addition to at least 10 years of professional teaching and training experience. Our professors have also typically taught English abroad themselves.

Meet professor Adrian Ortiz, one of the instructors for the International TEFL Academy online TEFL course. Adrian has been an ITA Online course instructor since 2012. He earned his M.A. in TESOL from Northeastern Illinois University.

In this video, Adrian discusses the rewards of teaching and making a difference in the lives of others as well as his fascinating experiences teaching English in Japan

Here's a transcription of the video:

Hi, I'm Adrian Ortiz, and I'm an instructor with the International TEFL Academy.

Okay, I have an undergraduate degree in Business Administration Economics from the University of Illinois, Chicago. After I graduated, I took a job overseas working in Japan, taught there for a couple years teaching English, and I liked it so much that, when I came back to the states, I decided to get my MA in TESOL which I got in 1997 from Northeastern Illinois University. 

I really loved it. It was an incredible experience. I just got to see a whole different part of the world and a culture that's completely different from the United States.

Instructor Adrian Ortiz

Yeah, this is my memory book from the town I lived in called Matsue. Not a very big city. About 200,000 people and it's sort of off the beaten path. It's in a more rural area, but really nice because it's on the north side of Honshu which is the main island, and it's a lot cleaner than the Pacific side, and very traditional and the thing is, with the other parts of Japan, during the war, they were pretty much, a lot of cities were destroyed, and everything, but this area was, more or less, unaffected, so it still has a lot of traditional architecture, a lot of traditional buildings.

It's a little more old-fashioned Japan, and so it was really interesting to be there. You got to see, I think, a side of Japan that, if you were in Tokyo or one of the big cities would be very, very different.

Teach English In Japan
I would just like to tell you I think you've made a really smart decision to go into ESL and to do that. It's a fantastic profession. It's very fulfilling.

You'll always be able to find work overseas which is great at times, especially when you think about how the economy is here now. And I don't think you're gonna find a profession that'll combine so many incredible things like meeting people, travel, being able to affect people's lives positively, make a good living, and just always having an adventure and learning new things yourself. I mean, to me, there's nothing like ESL.

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