3 Top Highlights to Discover While Teaching English in Brazil

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Brazil is one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world, from colorful cities like Rio de Janeiro and the Amazon Basin, which is home to the largest rain forest in the world. From the Pantanal, to white sand beaches, stunning waterfalls, and tropical islands, Brazil offers a stunning array of cultural and natural treasures. Discover great cuisine, the rich depth of Brazilian Portuguese and an incredible music scene that includes: batucadas, capoeira and bossanova, amongst hundreds of other styles that meld the nation's African, European and indigenous roots. Even a sport like futebol (soccer) is an art form in Brazil. Awwww and the Carnival - where the world comes to party!

In addition, Brazil has emerged in recent years as a major economic and political force on the international stage.  As international trade and tourism grow, so has the need for English language instruction creating demand for thousands of foreign English teachers.  Also, Brazil will become the focus of global attention twice in the next four years as it hosts the world's two grandest sporting spectacles: the FIFA World Cup (football/soccer) in 2014 and the 2016 Summer Olympics, which will be hosted by Rio de Janeiro.

For these and many other reasons, if you are thinking about how to discover this amazing country, consider teaching English in Brazil and experience the adventure of a lifetime!


Here are 3 great highlights: 

3.  Iguazu Falls

One of the favorite destinations in Latin America, the Iguazu Falls is shared by Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay and is one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. Its falls are taller than those in Niagara, twice as wide and much more impressive. The view from the Brazilian side is especially spectacular, and may be the best point to catch a panoramic view of the 275 amazing falls along 1.67 miles. In addition to experiencing one of the most stunning sights on earth, the powerful sound of the water is so energizing that you will remember it for a lifetime!


Iguaza Falls Brazil


2. The Amazon

The Amazon is absolutely one of the most mysterious, vast and beautiful natural features in the world. The Amazon and its thousands of tributaries are literally the lungs of the earth, as they give life to the largest rain forest on the planet. The Amazon River is the second longest in the World, after the Nile in Egypt, but is the largest by volume. Its basin covers some 40% of Brazil and also 40% of the entire South American Continent, spreading over 9 countries, including Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, French Guyana, Suriname and Guyana. Measuring more than 4 million square miles, it is home to 15% of the world’s available fresh water. The Amazon is a rich and varied resource of wildlife. There are more than 10 million species living there, with more than 3,000 fish species alone, and scientists are still discovering more every year. If you want to dip into it, there are many ways to do it!  Boats can be a great way to get around, as the river is the "road" of the Amazon. Don't forget your hammock!!!


amazon brazil

1. - Rio de Janeiro

From Copacabana Beach to Carnival, Rio is synonymous with fun, sun and a good time!

Every year during the lead-up to Lent in late February, Rio de Janeiro is home to the biggest Carnival festival in the world, attracting millions from around the globe who come to watch the colorful pageants and dance the Samba. But, even when its not Carnival season, Rio de Janeiro is still such a spirited and great place to visit year around. Wake up early and head to the greatest icon in Rio, “Christ the Redeemer,” enjoy the magnificent city panorama, the fresh air, and the altitude. Then head to Sugar Loaf Mountain, or Pão de Açúcar in the local language, to have a panoramic view from the other side of the city, and take a picture with the “Corcovado” at your back. Swim in the Atlantic at some of the most famous beaches in the world, Ipanema and Copacabana. At the beach, give a try to tropical Brazilian treats and taste the sweetness of the Caipirinha, the most beloved drink of the nation, made from Cachaça, a distilled liquor made from sugarcane juice. After enjoying the sunset and having one or more Caipirinhas walking along the beach coast, eat dinner in a Churrasqueria and make your belly happier than ever with the great flavors of Brazilian beef. After dinner, dip into “Lapa,” Brazil's famed neighborhood for nightlife, to find out why they say that Rio de Janeiro is the best place to party! Aw Rio! So much fun!


rio de janeiro

Why wait to watch the highlights of Brazil during the Olympics? 

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