[Video] Ambassador Instagram Takeover: Teaching English Online in Prague, Czech Republic

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Ryan Cook, takes over the ITA Instagram Story to show us what a typical day in his life looks like teaching English online and through private lessons in Prague, Czech Republic


[Video] Facebook Live: Teaching English Online with VIPKID

In this video, watch ITA Student Affairs Advisor Erin answer your questions about Teaching English Online with a panel made up of 2 ITA alumni & online ESL teachers as well as our friends at VIPKid! From TEFL certification to becoming a digital nomad and teaching English online, watch them cover it all!

Expert Tips: Requirements You Need to Satisfy to Teach English Online

By Nicola Rae

By now you’ve probably heard about teaching English online as a way to boost your income, get English teaching experience, or jump start your teaching career while you’re still at home.

Teaching English online is an awesome option for pretty much anyone who likes flexibility and working from home in pajamas pants.

How Much Money Can I Make Teaching English Online?

By Nicola Rae

Teaching English online is very literally what you make it. With most online English companies, you can work as much or as little as you like, which means your online English gig can be anything from a small-time side hustle to a… big-time full hustle.

How to Setup a Classroom for Teaching English Online While Traveling

By Nicola Rae

When I was a classroom teacher in the States, I spent way too much time (and about 30% of my annual salary) at IKEA. I loved organizing my classroom because I had so much stuff. So many scissors, glue sticks, resources, books, and binders upon binders full of worksheets - all mine for the using. It was amazing. And I had IKEA to help me contain it all.

5 Key Tips to Help You Succeed at Teaching English Online

By Nicola Rae

When I applied to teach English online, I was pretty full of myself. Armed with a TEFL certificate from ITA and three years in the classroom, I thought online teaching would be a piece of cake. Look at me, I’ve got teaching experience, this will be a cake walk! What? What’s that you say? Only one student at a time? I could do this in my sleep! And did someone mention cake? 

5 Reasons You Should Start Teaching English Online Before You Move Abroad

By Nicola Rae

When I left my traditional teaching job in June, I knew I had about four months before my adventure abroad would begin. I was more than ready to get out of the country and start exploring the world, but due to obligations back home, I had to wait.

Waiting can be torture!