Tips to Overcome Culture Shock While Teaching English in Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

Overcoming culture shock in Vietnam wasn’t the easiest task for me. There are certainly days where Ho Chi Minh City feels like the Wild Wild West. Men and children are often urinating on the side of the road, I see animals - living and dead - tied to the backs of motorbikes en route to slaughter on a daily basis and my entire neighborhood loves singing karaoke at the loudest possible volume at all hours of the night. It’s honestly not the easiest place to live, but I love it.

Mobile Apps You Need to Download to Live in Vietnam

By Laura Nalin

Ever noticed how the first thing you do each morning is most likely check your phone? Our global society is quite literally reliant on technology whether we like it or not. With this notion in mind, one of the reasons I love teaching English in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is the fact the locals keep us expats in mind regarding just about everything - including mobile app usage.

Mobile Phone Apps You Need to Live in China

By Amanda Barrows

In China, everything you could possibly wish to do can be done using your smart phone. Therefore, having the right mobile apps can be a life saver if you want to experience life in China conveniently, and can help you to get around efficiently. I can recall countless different occasions when having the right mobile app helped me to bridge the language barrier and prevented me from getting lost in a new city. In this way, I can honestly say that having the essential mobile apps and a decent cellphone is crucial for life teaching English in China.