Life After Teaching Abroad in Hungary

By: Jenny Bardoczi

It all began in December 2012 as I was approaching graduation from Univesity of North Carolina-­Asheville with my Bachelor’s in Health & Wellness Promotion. Not knowing for certain what I wanted to do with my life was a bit terrifying. A new life without finals, essays and exams was a strange transition.

A few months after graduation, I was working at my family’s business as the Worksite Wellness Director.It was all well, especially as a fresh new grad, but I was longing for a new adventure. I finally built up the courage to get in contact with ITA. Doug was my advisor and made a huge impact on my decision to begin the ITA Online TEFL Course. At that point, I still wasn’t certain if moving abroad was the right decision.

Teaching English Abroad - It Will Be Far Greater Than Imagined…

By:  Ashley Strong

Those are the words written on a card.
A card that sits prominently on my alter.
Gifted by a dear friend before leaving the States.
Here I am.
Four months into my journey in Costa Rica.
Where is the time going?
Some days seem as if they fly.
Others feel as if they linger around far more than desirable.
Either way.
I feel so incredibly blessed
and beyond happy everyday.

Home Is Where the Heart Is - Teaching English in Berlin, Germany

By Megan Cape

While receiving my TEFL certificate from the International TEFL Academy, I pondered the possible cities I wanted to live in.

From Madrid to Argentina, thoughts of Istanbul and Rio De Janeiro, I finally landed on Berlin, Germany and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

When I first moved to San Francisco after graduating college, it took me a solid year until I finally felt at home. When I moved to Berlin, it took me about 3 months to feel at home. I have never felt like I belong in a place as much as I do here. From the people, to the events and activities, to the lifestyle, to the scenery, etc. I feel like Berlin fits me so well.

Summer Camp in Croatia - Teaching English at a Summer Camp Abroad

By: Amelia Perri

I had always talked about teaching abroad. It seemed to be the only solution to my restlessness.Teach and travel. However, jobs, money, and weddings put any concrete plans on hold. Then, thankfully, one of many quarter-life crises forced me to get my online TEFL Certification from the International TEFL Academy. I was one step closer to reaching my goal of moving overseas and teaching English abroad.