My Experiences Teaching English at the University Level in China

By: Kiran Bhat

I moved to China quite randomly. Due to family pressure to do something that earned more, I had decided to quit my job teaching online, but I still wanted to pursue a life lived globally. Shanghai is considered to be one of the rising cities of the world, and I had visited China in 2013 for a month and had fallen in love with the city during that time. I thought if there was a place with work that paid well, but also the grit and the edge that made a place feel like home, Shanghai would be a good match.

Pros and Cons of Teaching English Online

By: Kiran Bhat

To choose to travel the world was not a decision lightly made. My parents had placed a strong emphasis on education for my entire life, and to tell them that I would rather write novels and travel the globe than continue on to a Master’s Degree was akin to throwing out all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars onto a flame. Still, I had a very particular vision I felt was my duty to pursue. I had to create a type of novel that made people think globally, place into language the effect of 7 billion people being attached not to particular nations but to a greater planet via the Internet. In order to have the experience I needed to carry out my vision, I not only needed to travel, I needed to travel in a way that could allow me to know the maximum amount of countries as possible.

Teaching English Abroad - It Will Be Far Greater Than Imagined…

By:  Ashley Strong

Those are the words written on a card.
A card that sits prominently on my alter.
Gifted by a dear friend before leaving the States.
Here I am.
Four months into my journey in Costa Rica.
Where is the time going?
Some days seem as if they fly.
Others feel as if they linger around far more than desirable.
Either way.
I feel so incredibly blessed
and beyond happy everyday.

Home Is Where the Heart Is - Teaching English in Berlin, Germany

By Megan Cape

While receiving my TEFL certificate from the International TEFL Academy, I pondered the possible cities I wanted to live in.

From Madrid to Argentina, thoughts of Istanbul and Rio De Janeiro, I finally landed on Berlin, Germany and I couldn't be happier with my decision.

When I first moved to San Francisco after graduating college, it took me a solid year until I finally felt at home. When I moved to Berlin, it took me about 3 months to feel at home. I have never felt like I belong in a place as much as I do here. From the people, to the events and activities, to the lifestyle, to the scenery, etc. I feel like Berlin fits me so well.

Teaching English Abroad As Your First Job After College

By: Michael McGuire

So you've just graduated after years of hard work.

Now what?

For many people, this means stepping right into the great career you can’t wait to start. For others, like me, this isn’t appealing.

Perhaps you have no idea what type of job is right for you.  Maybe you just want to travel while you still can.  Whatever your reason, teaching abroad can be a great way to learn more about yourself, which will allow you to make better decisions about your future.

Summer Camp in Croatia - Teaching English at a Summer Camp Abroad

By: Amelia Perri

I had always talked about teaching abroad. It seemed to be the only solution to my restlessness.Teach and travel. However, jobs, money, and weddings put any concrete plans on hold. Then, thankfully, one of many quarter-life crises forced me to get my online TEFL Certification from the International TEFL Academy. I was one step closer to reaching my goal of moving overseas and teaching English abroad.

What to Expect, When You're Move Abroad

By:Alexis Sabatino

Approximately nine months ago, I made the best decision of my life. I made the first step towards finding my purpose. Here's what I know, what I experienced, and what I have to offer you on your own journey. As my mother has so kindly described what I went through as "giving birth," I have deided to illustrate my journey in this obscene and accurate way. Thanks for the inspiration mama!

It was one year ago this time that I became pregnant with a concept, a dream, an obsession…  

A concept that I somehow knew in the depths of my soul would become my reality. After over 4 years of the college classroom and a trip abroad that changed my life…I decided, without any doubt, that I would move abroad and more importantly, find my purpose. Alone. No friends. No boyfriend. No family. No school program. Just me. 

 It began just like any normal pregnancy. I was excited, nervous, and completely shocked. Even though this was completely my idea, in many ways I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. I spent hours on the computer researching foreign cities, I enrolled into an ESL teaching course with the International TEFL Academy, I probed everyone I could find who had first-hand experience or knowledge, and I laid in bed for months passionately charged about what I was embarking on. I was feeling thrilled. Excited. Energized. Invigorated. Independent. I was wearing my newly pregnant glow, and everyone could see it!

Teaching English Abroad: The Greatest Experience

By: Sarah Ballhaussen

How did it begin?

I've been aching to live abroad since I returned home from studying abroad in Sydney, Australia in 2010.  As graduation in 2011 quickly approached, I was left with only a waitressing job. I wasn't in a hurry to find a career, I mean heck I majored in Art History and German, so finding a career (or a "real" job) in those fields was going to be really difficult unless I pursued further education, and I knew that going into my studies. I decided to study what I truly enjoyed and then to figure it out from there, and that's what I did.