7 Reasons Why Romania is an Awesome Country for Teaching English Abroad & Online

By Nicola Rae

As English teachers, we have a special set of criteria when we pick a place to settle for a while.

We want it to be someplace cool, but it has to be affordable since we aren’t exactly rolling in the cash. It should be someplace that has plenty to do but also lets us easily travel to other cool places, since isn’t that the point of traveling anyway? And of course, we need to have good internet for those of us that house sit while teaching English online!

5 Reasons Why Teaching English Online is The Best

By Nicola Wynn

At the time I’m writing this, I’ve taught 951 classes of English online. What a joyful 951 classes it has been! As a child, I forced my sister to play school with me during the long hours of summer, writing the alphabet in rainbow chalk on our kid sized green chalkboard. After college, I taught middle school science for three years with a much bigger green chalkboard and equally colorful chalk. My mother was a teacher, and her mother was a teacher, and her mother was a teacher. So to say that I get joy from teaching English online should surprise no one.

Teach English Online - DaDaABC Application & Interview Process

By Abigail Jacobs

Want to teach English online with a top international company? Not sure how  to get started? ITA alumna, Abigail Jacobs, shares with us the  application and interview process for teaching English online with DaDa, a world leader in international online education. Here she shares her personal tips and advice for getting hired, as well as information on the visa that allows her to live and teach English online from Da Nang, Vietnam. 

Why I Started the 'English from A to Z' Online English Teaching Website

By: Ben Weinberg

I never thought that I would become an ESL teacher. It wasn’t one of those set plans that I had for myself from an early age. Sometimes, life can’t be predicted and you end up being somewhere else than you originally intended. I think that this happens for the better most times, and I can say for certain that my life has been better off with my past experiences of teaching English as a Second Language. It’s been a roller coaster ride but a fun and exciting one at that.

Teaching English Online to Students in East Asia - The Three Month Mark

By: Allen Bryson

It was the first day of class at the International TEFL Academy and I was a bit nervous.

Was it because I felt it would be hard?

Was it because I wasn’t sure if I was ready?

No, none of the above. It was because our clothes washing machine was broken and I could not clean my lucky Pokémon socks with Pikachu heads all around it. I knew it was going to be a long day.