A Teacher in Taiwan and Some Life Lessons

By Jennifer Fernandez

I moved to Sanxia, Taiwan, September 2017. I had never taught ESL before and my only previous experience was as a Teacher Assistant. Needless to say, I was nervous to start working at Carden American school. Thankfully, a fellow ITA alumna, who helped me secure the job, trained me and made my transition a little easier. My first couple weeks were filled with mistakes and I lost a lot of confidence. Those mistakes helped me become a better teacher, coworker, roommate, and an overall better person. I learned how to keep open communication with my coworkers whose first language isn’t English. I practiced my patience with classes whose progress’ was slower than others. I practiced my compassion and empathy when students would tell me about their days filled with experiences I hadn’t had.

Maybe Taiwan

By: Nate Tyler


It’s been a little more than six years since I left my first and only position teaching English abroad. I was in Taoyuan City, Taiwan, and my contract was only for one year. Since that time, I’ve traveled through Europe, returned to Minnesota, had many different—often horrible—jobs, started woodworking, got married and had a kid, built a pottery studio, and started a writing business. A lot has obviously happened. So why, then, am I writing about transitions when it’s been so long since I was teaching in Taiwan? Well in many ways I still haven’t left Taiwan. And I’m still transitioning out of that first teaching role.

Knowing the Unknown - Teaching English in Taiwan

By: William Whitehead

I have never been one to be sure of anything in life. I find it is full of contradictions in every turn we make. Yet, when you set foot on a land other than your own, you know there is no other place you need to be nor want to be. I say this whole heartily even though I have returned back to my home state of Florida. Through the International TEFL Academy, I was able to teach English in Taiwan for over a year and then in Vietnam for another. During my time in these countries, I was able to grow as a person. I had traveled and even lived in foreign countries before teaching English, yet this experience provided me with something new. It simply allows you to never be stuck anywhere.