Teaching English in Singapore with Brittany Shultz [Video]

What's it like to live and teach English in Singapore?

Watch this video to see ITA alumna, Brittany Shultz, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English in Singapore.

In this video, Brittany covers: 

  • A tour of her Singapore apartment
  • A breakdown of her monthly expenses in terms of rent, groceries, bills, transportation, etc
  • Some sightseeing around Singapore
  • The company she works for and how many hours per week she works
  • A tour of her classroom
  • How she secured her teaching job in Singapore
  • How much vacation time you receive as a teacher in Singapore
  • Why she chose Singapore to teach English abroad
  • The classroom during lesson time complete with adorable little faces!

Settled In Singapore and Why You Should Be Too

By: Kelsey Ax

When my husband and I were living in Barcelona back in 2014, we would’ve never guessed that in a few short months, we would be packing our bags and heading for the first time to Asia, specifically Singapore, to settle down for years to come. While living in Barcelona, I had been taking the 170-hour Online TEFL/TESOL course with the International TEFL Academy, and I was ready to put it to use.

The Never-Ending Journey: Why I Teach Abroad

By: Kelsey Ax

Armed with a Bachelor’s degree and a desire to travel, I set out after graduation from college, along with my two best friends, to teach, live, and experience Barcelona. I graduated with not much direction as to where I wanted to be career-wise, but rather more directed towards adventure and excitement outside of the United States.

8 Wicked "Weekend" Getaways for English Teachers in Singapore


By: Kelsey Ax

If you’re a teacher at a tuition center like me here in Singapore, your weekends are not your typical Saturdays and Sundays. Most teachers (at least at the company where I work) finish work around 6 PM on Sunday and are not needed to be back at work until Wednesday afternoon. This unconventional schedule provides the perfect opportunity to travel all around Southeast Asia more affordably and take some time away from this little red dot we call home.