Romania to Texas

By: Jennifer Polcyn

After spending a year and half teaching English in Brasov, Romania, I decided to come home to finish my college degree and see what other opportunities awaited back home. The coming home transition was challenging and took much longer than I anticipated. To be honest, I’ve been back for a year now and I am just now starting to feel like I’m back home.

7 Reasons Why Romania is an Awesome Country for Teaching English Abroad & Online

By Nicola Rae

As English teachers, we have a special set of criteria when we pick a place to settle for a while.

We want it to be someplace cool, but it has to be affordable since we aren’t exactly rolling in the cash. It should be someplace that has plenty to do but also lets us easily travel to other cool places, since isn’t that the point of traveling anyway? And of course, we need to have good internet for those of us that house sit while teaching English online!