Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side - Teaching in Latin America

By Drew Randall

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” This phrase couldn’t be more appropriate for how my wife and I perceived life as English teachers would be in comparison to life as civil engineers in the US. We obtained our TEFL certifications online through the International TEFL Academy. My wife and I have been teaching English abroad in South America for 10-months; 5-months in Arequipa, Peru and 5-months at our current teaching position in Cuenca, Ecuador. Based on our experience so far, there are obvious differences, like the salary, and shocking similarities in time commitment or daily schedule.

A Special Kind of Crazy Teaching English in Latin America

By: Rebecca Sirull

About one year ago, I hopped on a plane to begin the adventure of a lifetime teaching English abroad. I showed up in a country I had never visited before, where I didn’t know a single person, and didn’t have a job or a place to live. Somehow all the pieces fell into place and I set up a life for myself in Arequipa, Peru. Then, six months later I packed it up and started all over again. I’ve now been living in Bucaramanga, Colombia, for about four months and am loving my second move abroad.

I decided to get TEFL-certified and move to Peru right after I finished my college degree. Like many international English teachers, I wanted to travel the world, see amazing sights, meet new people, and immerse myself in a different culture. I also wasn’t too thrilled to jump into the 9-5 office life that so many of my peers were heading towards. Teaching English seemed like the perfect way to support myself while also exploring a new country.

Tips to Get Out the Door and Travel in Latin America


By: Alina Randall

“My husband and I have decided to move to South America,” I said, as I explained to my former boss about nine months ago why I could no longer work as a civil engineer. Luckily, my boss was very understanding and agreed that would be a great place for us. After my husband and I completed the International TEFL Academy online TEFL Class (Teach English as a Foreign Language) certification course, we boarded a plane to La Paz, Bolivia, to begin a life of traveling and teaching in South America. After visiting the Salt Flats of Bolivia, Lake Titicaca, and Machu Picchu, we started teaching English in Arequipa, Peru.

Teaching English in Peru - Preparing for the Worst, It's Not What I Thought

By: Zac Heisey

“You’re moving to Peru?!

Isn’t it like, super dangerous and stuff?” 

In the weeks leading up to my departure to Lima, this had become the obligatory response from friends, family, my doctor, the clerk at the grocery store, and pretty much anyone else I told about teaching English in Peru. 

 It became such a standard response from anyone I talked to, that I also developed a canned follow-up statement of my own, “I mean, yeah, in some parts I guess.  I am normally pretty cautious when I travel though.  Plus, I plan to stay in a nicer neighborhood in Lima, so I should be fine.” 

A Varied Palette in Peru - Teaching English in Peru

By Caitlin Self

Actually, today is my last night,” I
stated to a local at the bar where I worked.

Oh really, that’s too bad. What are you doing next?” he inquired, assuming I’d gotten a “real” job in the area, or that I was moving on to some other restaurant down the street.

Teaching English in Peru,” I stated, as I walked away.

Teaching English Abroad: Because life's too short to not travel

By: Degen Hill

Life After College 

It's an inevitable point in most people's lives. My name's Degen Hill, a 22 year old college grad from Boise, Idaho. I graduated from Eastern Washington University in December 2011, having spent the past 4 years studying Spanish. Like most college grads, I was growing tired of the question, “So what're you going to do now?” Hell, I had no idea. I had already taught English abroad for 3 months in El Salvador as a volunteer during the summer of 2011 and thought, “I could get paid for this”. I then looked into certifications, realized I had no commitments and registered for a TEFL course in Arequipa, Peru with International TEFL Academy.