A Journey from TEFL to Ticos to Travelling

By: Samuel Herrington

TEFL, the ticket to adventure, learning, and culture-rich experiences. The journey for me started by finding the passion for teaching as an outdoor activity instructor in the north of England. With this inspiration to help teach others, I decided it was time to do my TEFL certification.

So, I took the big old metal bird over the Atlantic ocean to the ‘Pura Vida’ vibes of Costa Rica to go back to school. I had been wanting to visit Costa Rica for some time ever since I met a ‘Tico’ when I was studying a little closer to home in Germany. Costa Ricans take pride in calling themselves Ticos and rightly so; wouldn’t you like to be associated with the ‘Pura Vida’ (Pure life) lifestyle?

Thailand to Italy… What’s next…?

By: Charity Brooks

Living abroad was only an idea, until it became reality, a vital part of who I am. It began with road trips with my friends in college; my friend was a recruiter for a university basketball team. We would pile into her car and hit the road, all accommodations paid for by the university. My best friend began working at the airport; flight benefits were at our fingertips. We traveled all over America and abroad. I became the friend who you call to go one a trip, never refusing. Then one day I found myself living in Thailand for two years and currently in Italy for the summer. "How did I get here?" I wonder to myself sometimes. It seems like an easy question, however getting here was unexpected.

Living La Dolce Vita: My Next Chapter in Italy

By: Alexa Hill

If you had asked me a year ago what my intentions were for going abroad to teach English in Italy, I would have said that it was a good excuse for an adventure. Like many English teachers, I wanted to explore an unknown country, completely immerse myself in a new culture, and make a year’s worth of memories before returning to America and joining the rat race. Much of my motivation for teaching English was related to my own desires to have a unique life experience, but not necessarily related to English. I saw teaching as a vehicle for world travel. If you ask me today what my intentions are, living in another country, I would say something quite different.

Paving My Own Road While Teaching Abroad

By: Maylin Enamorado

When offered a chance to teach in Italy this summer, I immediately said yes. I had been living in Los Angeles at the time in an attempt to live what I thought was my American Dream.I had finally grown tired of people telling me that living abroad was “unsustainable” and that I should be pursuing my artistic passions at home in the U.S. where I supposedly had a real chance of getting ahead. I returned home after teaching at a university in Nicaragua for a year, full of expectations for my literary career. I began searching internship opportunities in New York, LA, and Miami. I sent my resume to nearly 100 different publishing and production companies, and I waited. A month into being home, I could barely remember why I had left my old life or understand why people believed that life was automatically better here. Still, I held out hope that I had made the right decision by coming back.

Bigger and Smaller - Teaching English and Traveling in Europe

By: Kevin Nye 

I’m a lucky man. I’m lucky because I have family members in Austria and without them, I never would’ve visited Europe in 2012. If I had never visited Europe in 2012, I wouldn’t have desperately needed to return to Europe in 2014.

In late winter 2014, my then-girlfriend, now-fiancée and I decided we were going to get TEFL certified and go teach English abroad. We wanted to go to Europe, primarily Italy, and learn about the world while seeing it all firsthand. We wanted to use our natural advantage of being born in an English-speaking country, and we wanted to get paid for something we do anyway; speak to people. We enrolled in the Online TEFL Class with International TEFL Academy in May of 2014, completed our course in August, and moved on September 3 to teach English in Italy.

Teaching English in Italy - Plunging in Headfirst

By:  Annie Chen

“There is never a good time,” they always
say. It’s a cliché but true statement, for so many situations in someone’s life- for example, breaking up with a significant other, moving homes or quitting a job. In my case, I was confronted with completely changing my career path and uprooting my life halfway around the world.