The Finances of Living and Teaching English in Germany

By: Tamie Arietta

The cost of living in Germany is surprisingly reasonable compared to other European countries. Once you've decided that Germany will be your new home and certainly before you hop on a plane, create a list of all possible expenses you may have during your time abroad and compare it to your existing expenses. A great website to compare the cost of living is called: Numbeo.

Teaching English in Hamburg, Germany with Tamie Arietta [Video]


What's it like to live and teach English in Germany?

Watch this video to see ITA Alumni Ambassador, Tamie Arietta, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English in Hamburg, Germany

In this video, Tamie covers: 

- Why she chose Hamburg, Germany
- How she opened her own Language Academy 
- How she helps other expats with the German visa process
- Hamburg fun facts
- Private teaching and how this was a better option for her
- Language School pros and cons
- Private Tutoring pros and cons
- Average rent prices and what you can expect when apartment hunting
- Interviews with other ITA Alumni that just arrived in Hamburg