To Move or Not to Move? Knowing When It's Time to Leave One Country for Another

By: Adrienne Glenn

When I made the decision to begin teaching abroad, I had a lofty goal in mind. Ten years. Ten countries. As my first Pragueversary (what the expat world calls our annual celebration of moving to Prague) passed, the true realization of the grandeur of that plan truly hit. Perhaps I dreamed a little TOO big. It’s OK. We all do it sometimes. True learning and growth is in how well you adapt your goals as life passes and truth reveals itself. So, I gave myself a little wiggle room, and allowed myself 10 years and as many countries that I can manage to live/teach in for that time.

What If Teaching English Isn’t Your Dream Job!? Lessons from a Prague TEFL Teacher

By: Caitlin O'Brien

In 2017, I left my home and family to try out something completely different. Teaching English in the Czech Republic.

Why was that “completely different,” because I never imagined I would enjoy being a teacher!

As it turns out, I was right. After one full year of teaching, I can confidently tell you that it’s not my dream job. However, even if that’s also the case for you, I would still encourage you to try out teaching English overseas for at least one year. While I was busy trying to be a good teacher, it turns out that I learned many, many valuable and transferable lessons for myself!

Visa Know How: Czech Republic Trade License Freelance Visa

Visas, Visas, Visas   — The topic no one enjoys talking about yet the topic everyone needs to know a lot about. Our ITA Alumni Ambassadors have been in your shoes when it comes to visas. It's a foreign topic to most, no matter how experienced of a traveler you are. Our Alumni Ambassadors have been through the visa process firsthand and were tasked with walking us through the steps they took for their visa. Here we have Megan Newnham talking us through her Czech Republic visa process...

Emotional Stages of Moving Abroad


By: Lauren Manderfeld

It is no joke that making any sort of move is nerve-racking, especially if you are moving into a completely new culture and where they don’t speak the same language. I am here to point out some of the emotional highs and lows in your first year of being abroad.

Before you move to a new place you are typically full of excitement and curiosity. You wonder what your life might be like in this new place, about the people you are going to meet, the job your going to get, where you are going to live, and so much more. Its hard to feel anything except excitement when you have so many possibilities, and you can create your life however you want!

The Who, What, Where, When, and Why - Teaching English in the Czech Republic

By: Lauren Manderfeld


WHO can travel and teach English abroad?


If you want to do it, then you should do it! So many people tell me, “oh you are so lucky that you get to live abroad and have an experience like that.” That response really rubs me the wrong way, not because they are saying anything malicious or derogatory, but because they CAN do it too.

I am not “lucky” that I get to do this…I spent many long hours to get TEFL certified and make my dream a reality. It wasn’t by “luck” that I did this; it was hard work, lots of planning, and if you really want this to be your reality, then all you have to do it go for it! Set a goal and achieve. It will be the best thing you ever did.