Transportation: Getting Around Bucaramanga, Colombia

By: Rebecca Sirull 

After spending an hour just getting from one side of Bogota to the other, it was refreshing being in a smaller city like Bucaramanga, where it never takes more than thirty minutes to get anywhere. I love how easy and cheap it is to get around and the surprising number of options within such a small city. Here are all the different types of transportation you can find in Bucaramanga.

The Biggest Challenges I Faced Adjusting to Life in Colombia

By: Rebecca Sirull

If you’re looking into teaching abroad, you’ll probably find tons of posts online about the amazing adventures, transformative experiences, and breathtaking sights. But it’s not always sunshine and crystal blue waters. It takes a lot of hard work to get set up in a new place and it can come with plenty of challenges to overcome. Here are some of the more difficult experiences I had when adjusting to life in Colombia.

Fascinating Experiences You'll Have in and Around Bucaramanga, Colombia

By Rebecca Sirull

The best parts of traveling, and especially living, abroad are never the things you see recommended in guidebooks or marked on a map; they’re not the things you bought a ticket for;  and they’re certainly not going to be the same for you as they are for me.

The most fascinating experiences I’ve had in Bucaramanga are the ones that I couldn’t possibly have planned before, but rather the ones I just seemed to stumble into. Throwing yourself into a new culture, you’re bound to have several moments of 'oh my god, this is the weirdest situation I’ve ever been in'. And those are the moments that I live for.

Making Friends with Both Expats & Locals While Teaching English in Colombia

By Rebecca Sirull

One of the best parts of teaching abroad is the opportunity to meet interesting people. Being in a new country always makes me feel more open to other new experiences, and I’m much more likely to strike up conversation with a stranger than when I’m back in the US. Most other expats I’ve met tend to have the same mentality, so it’s incredibly easy to connect with people from all over the world when you’re living in a new place.  

The Finances of Living and Teaching English in Bucaramanga, Colombia

By: Rebecca Sirull

One great benefit of teaching in Colombia is the low cost of living, and the strength of the dollar, euro, or pound in comparison with the local peso. If you come here with a bit of savings, it will go much further than it would back home and you’ll be able to take advantage of all the amazing travel opportunities. However, the downside of a weak currency is that local wages are fairly low. That’s why so many English teachers rely on online teaching for a large part of their income. You could easily earn all that you need to live comfortably here just working a few hours a day online, but I prefer the experience of teaching classes in person, so the combination of both works well for me. Here’s a breakdown of my monthly earnings and expenses.

My Typical Weekly Schedule Teaching English in Colombia at a School, Online, & Privately

By: Rebecca Sirull

My favorite thing about teaching English in Colombia is that no two days are alike, and I have tons of flexibility to make my own schedule. That’s also one big reason why I wanted to work part-time at a private institute, rather than taking a full-time job at a colegio (children’s school). With this schedule, I have plenty of time to teach English online and with private students in addition to my regular classes.

Bus rides, Blisters and a Touch of Magic: My Experience with an On-the-Ground Job Search in Colombia

By: Rebecca Sirull

I’ve actually gone through two different English teaching job searches in South America, and had two extremely different experiences. When I first left the US, I was enrolled in the onsite TEFL course in Arequipa, Peru. The institute where I was certified also offered English courses, so it was an easy transition from student to teacher, with almost no job search effort required on my part.

Teaching English in Medellin, Colombia with Brianna Brage [Video]

What's it like to live and teach English in Colombia?

Watch this video to see ITA Alumni Ambassador, Brianna Brage, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English in Medellin, Colombia

In this video, Brianna covers: 

  • Teaching English Online with Dada and SkimaTalk
  • Private English tutoring classes
  • Online Teaching Salary and Private Tutoring Salary
  • A tour of her apartment in Medellin
  • Monthly Expenses in terms of rent, groceries, phone, transportation, etc
  • Discusses Intensive Program Tutoring
  • Public Transport + Pricing
  • Where to find housing
  • Internet
  • Safety