[Video] TEFL Facebook Live - Teach English in Barcelona, Spain with Rachel Sair

In this video, ITA alumna Rachel Sair talks about her experience living and teaching English abroad in Barcelona, Spain! Rachel took our Barcelona TEFL Class 7 years go. After teaching English for a year, she has moved on to a position of coordinator at an academy and continues to teach English on the side. 7 years later, she's still living in Barcelona! From TEFL certification and work visa to finding a job in Barcelona and teaching English in Spain, watch her cover it all!

[Video] Ambassador Facebook Live - Teaching English in Madrid, Spain

Facebook Live About Teaching English Abroad With ITA Ambassadors

In this video, ITA Alumni Ambassador Christina Bates talks about her experience living and teaching English abroad in Madrid, Spain! From TEFL certification to finding a job in Madrid and teaching English in Spain, watch her cover it all!

10 Amazing International Food Experiences in Madrid


By: Rhea Baliwala

Coming from a country where every region has a different variety of food to offer, food was naturally an important part of growing up. So, when I first moved to Madrid by taking the International TEFL Academy Madrid course in January 2016 , I decided that I had to learn everything about Madrileño food culture - the Tapas, the Tinto verano, The Tortillas de patata, the Croquettes, the Chorizos, the Lenteja - all of it.

But after three months of exploring amazing Spanish food, I realized that Madrid, being a multicultural city, has a lot of amazing restaurants from the other parts of the world as well.

ITA Alumni Video Contest Winner: Teaching English in Spain with Rachel Sair

Gain a Firsthand Perspective on Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain in Rachel Sair's Winning Entry in the 2014 ITA Alumni Video Contest

Want to know what it's actually like to teach English in Spain?

Barcelona and Then Some - TEFL Certification in Spain

By: Stacee Ballback

I feel tears begin to creep up and cloud myvision as I stand, sweating and panting, begging into the eyes of an airline attendant as she tells me that the plane wont wait for my friend to clear security. It’s not all as dramatic as I make it out to be though, such is the life of a two young girls traveling around Europe. In reality its moments like this that make the best stories later. We actually made it onto that flight. When it felt like I couldn’t hold up the plane any longer and after telling the attendant I wouldn’t get on the flight without her, Clara came running around the corner and I swear, the clouds opened and sappy reunion music played. The travel gods were on our side that day and for most of the three months we spent living in Barcelona.