[Video] Ambassador Instagram Takeover: Teach English in Gumi, South Korea with Ben Corda

[Video] Ambassador Instagram Takeover: Teach English in Gumi, South Korea

Dare to Dream: Teaching English in South Korea

By: Elizabeth Feyh

Some people are born adventurers; wanderlust is in their blood. They love not knowing where they’re going or how they’re getting there. For others, that is the definition of a nightmare. Those who thrive off the thrill of the unknown or enjoy being a fish out of water may not understand the trepidation of those born more cautious.

Teaching in South Korea: My Journey from TEFL Course to Classroom

By: Cassandra Simons

Life before TEFL in South Korea

This time last year, I was just an average college graduate and teacher. I worked at a school that felt like a family: the teachers I worked with were incredibly close and I knew I had a good support system (both professionally and, in some cases, personally) away from home. While I will never try to say that I am a perfect or amazing teacher, I think I was pretty good at my job. I did what I needed to do, and then some. My students could expect to see me at their sporting events and at their concerts and performances; my Special Olympics athletes could expect to see me at almost every practice and escort them to every tournament. I attended faculty and department meetings as required and tried to help out in any way I could.

I lived in the same town I had gone to college in and had an amazing group of friends that stood by me through thick and thin. I knew the regulars at my favorite pubs and restaurants. I had worked at several businesses and knew many of the locals. Life was good.

Then the words every teacher dreads came along: Your position won’t be renewed due to district budget cuts. I was not a tenured teacher, nor did I have much seniority in a school where many people had taught for 10+ years. All of a sudden I was in a position I hadn’t anticipated: no guaranteed job prospects for the next year; my roommate was moving to the other side of the country and I couldn’t afford rent on my own; and bills to pay with no substantial source of income. I decided to move back home with my dad for a few months to figure my life out.

Teaching English Abroad: What’s in it for you?

By: Tommy Joiner

The single most important thing in the world is to lead a life that is truly fulfilling.  In order to live a satisfying life, one must strive to add to his or her experiences in a way that is productive, both to the individual and also to those around that person.  Teaching English abroad provides an opportunity for a person to redefine themselves and work towards achieving the life of their dreams.  Whether you just graduated from college or are simply looking to change things up, teaching English abroad can help propel your life forward in a variety of ways.