How to Make Sure Teaching English Abroad is a Resume-Worthy Experience

By: Pouneh Eftekhari

When I was graduating from college, I had two study abroad experiences under my belt and a full-blown addiction to travel. All I wanted to do was buy a one-way ticket abroad and never come home. I only knew of two options to do so--teach English abroad and join the Peace Corps--but neither option seemed to get the approval of my parents. So I didn’t do either.

Instead, I appeased everyone and went to grad school...but I did it under my terms: in Europe! After two years of grad school and a short stint working full time abroad, I ended up back home...suppressing the travel bug by ‘getting a real job’ and ‘settling down’. Not long after I got married, my husband and I knew we needed an international adventure, but felt at a loss for how to make it happen. I threw out the idea of teaching English abroad, but neither of us took it very seriously.

Unfortunately, like many others, we held a prejudice that it wasn’t a ‘real job’ and that it was only for ‘recent college graduates who don’t want to get a real job’.

We tabled the idea until we couldn’t any longer.

A Definite Resume Booster...Teaching English in Brazil

By: Amanda Moutinho

When faced with any big decision, the most important question is to ask yourself is "what are your priorities?"  When I graduated from college I realized that my biggest priority was traveling. I wanted to see the world before it became “too late,” or in other words, before I was tied down. I realized that if I got a 9 to 5 job, I would have one or two weeks of traveling a year at most. That just didn't sound ideal to me.