Anything Worth Doing Requires Effort - My Mexico TEFL Class Experience

By: Jeffrey Rumpf

So, you're seriously considering teaching as a job and going abroad as an adventure.  It is exciting, but there are also hurdles one must consider.

Are you financially able to deal with a drastically reduced lifestyle? Are you able to deal with the culture you move to? You will have to change; they won't change for you. Are you mature enough to accept the hands you are dealt each step of the way? And are you serious enough to not only pass the course, but to put in the time and effort in your new job abroad?

These are questions that are personal, and only you can answer them. And you may discover along the way (when reality sets in for particular circumstances) that you under or overestimated. All I can do is tell you my experience, with International TEFL Academy, and with my TEFL class in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It is worth noting that some of the experiences were extremely difficult, and are not necessarily representative of what another person will face, but they did happen to me.