Leaving the Classroom for Online Flexibility

By: David Peña 

Exhausted and over it, I was ready to leave my 40 hour per week classroom job for more flexibility and travel. When moving abroad to teach English, I did not expect to have such a rigid schedule, with dozens of outside responsibilities. I wasn’t just planning classes, but somehow I got roped into teaching a homeroom class and working closely with parents and school system drudgery. I was tired and had little time to travel and experience the fun and exciting parts of teaching English abroad.

Follow Me to Turkey

By: Ana Santos

I fell in love with Turkey!

As a researcher in the tourism field, and being that Turkey is the only European country with a view over Asia, a developed country full of opportunities in all kinds of business, amazing transport connections and truly friendly people, it was obviously the best choice. Turkey is at the top of the tourism chain, ranking worldwide and it should be evident why. Turkey is a country that knows a great deal about tourism and hospitality, and I am aware I have much to learn from them. Also as a non-native English speaker, I believe I could find good arguments as a potential teacher as English is not the first language used in the country. 

The director of the school in Istanbul gave me the great honor of accepting me as the only Non-native English teacher and so far, so good! Highly qualified teachers have helped give me the confidence to achieve the goals in order to become a non-native English teacher. Improving takes the guts to look for criticism as well as the courage to write, and the time and patience to voice in another language. Besides, going abroad is a great experience for any student and with such diversity and activities, as well as tourism, on offer from Turkey was certainly the best option. 

TEFLing My Way Around the World


By: Rhea Baliwala

December 2016:

This time last year, I was packing my bags, running around shopping for all the "missing last minute stuff". I did not know much beyond the fact that I was going to Madrid to teach English!!

I distinctly remember my parents telling me - "Are you CRAZY? You have decided to leave your perfectly well paying-well planned career to move to a country where you know nobody and don't speak the language?" Well, I can't really blame them for this reaction. Most of my friends also thought I was crazy.

How to Find Private English Teaching Jobs in Madrid, Spain

 By: Rhea Baliwala

As a citizen of a country that is not a member of the European Union (EU), I was initially concerned about finding enough work teaching English in Spain without a work visa. I  took the face-to-face International TEFL Academy course in Madrid, which provides the opportunity to enroll in a year of part-time Spanish classes.  That enabled me to get a Student Visa so I could work legally for 20 hours on a contract with a language school without any issues. However, being on a contract means your hourly wage is reduced by tax and social security payments and hence is generally lower than what you can earn teaching private English classes. So I needed to balance those hours with some private teaching hours.

The following details the means by which I found private students for teaching English in Madrid. It is by no means exhaustive, but I’ve found that there is such a high demand for English teachers that it wasn't as difficult as I anticipated it would be.

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone - Teaching English in Thailand

By: Collen Kriel


Having worked in jobs that ranged from a restaurant manager to an account manager in a large corporation, I had worked my way up to a pretty comfortable lifestyle. However it wasn’t enough, I wanted a change, and the thought of completing another Excel spreadsheet made me feel physically ill.

The World Is My Oyster… Teaching English in Chiang Mai, Thailand

By: Collen Kriel 

The main reason that my girlfriend and I decided to leave our corporate jobs and move across the world to Thailand was that we wanted to travel more. We have a real passion for travel and have an ever-growing Bucket list. However travelling from South Africa involves long and expensive flights to most destinations. We were tired of having to save for a year to afford an awesome overseas holiday.

We had always wanted to explore Asia more after a holiday to Thailand 2.5 years ago, so making the decision to move to an Asian country and complete our TEFL course through International TEFL Academy was an easy one.

You Are My Destiny, ESL Teacher of the World - Teaching in Thailand

By: Jirawadt Siri-Aree

When I was in a college, I had never thought to be a teacher at all. My dream was to be a great engineer. It was my only dream since I was in grade 5, right after my wish to be Miss Universe.(Really!) But as time went by, things had changed. I have seen the world (Well, I still want to see more.). I have learned about people.