To Move or Not to Move? Knowing When It's Time to Leave One Country for Another

By: Adrienne Glenn

When I made the decision to begin teaching abroad, I had a lofty goal in mind. Ten years. Ten countries. As my first Pragueversary (what the expat world calls our annual celebration of moving to Prague) passed, the true realization of the grandeur of that plan truly hit. Perhaps I dreamed a little TOO big. It’s OK. We all do it sometimes. True learning and growth is in how well you adapt your goals as life passes and truth reveals itself. So, I gave myself a little wiggle room, and allowed myself 10 years and as many countries that I can manage to live/teach in for that time.

Teaching English Abroad at the Ripe Old Age of 40

By: Adrienne Glenn

In many jobs, age can be a burden. Even though the concept of aging has slightly improved in the good ol’ US of A, and the wisdom of age is much more appreciated than it was in the past, many jobs will still pass your resume by if they get a whiff of an age above the 40 mark. The wonderful thing about teaching is that this is NOT the case. Schools, institutes, and private students are all often grateful to see a candidate with some years under their belt. Because with years, you usually also bring experience, reliability, responsibility and a honking suitcase of wisdom.

Traveling in Developing Countries: You Won't Know Until You Go

By: Kelly Martin

When I was doing my online TEFL class with International TEFL Academy, I was dreaming of beaches and classy resorts. After doing some exploring in the world, it turns out that developing countries are by far my preference. Unexpectedly to me, Cambodia has my heart over anywhere else. Countries that are still a work in progress have the biggest hearts, amazing food, best prices, and they’re definitely the most interesting. But there are some things I didn’t know was going to happen. These things can throw you off balance at times, but they’re actually the best parts.

Here are 8 things I didn’t realize before I ran off into developing countries and what I learned from them:

No Fear: From Ohio to Beijing

By: Steven Anteau

I had the ticket in my hand. Toledo to Beijing, 26 hours from door to door. I had never lived outside my hometown in my life, and now I was moving across the world to teach English in China.

When my brother dropped me off at the airport. When I passed security at the airport. When we took off. When I landed in Beijing and when I picked up my luggage.  Throughout the entire journey, I only had two words on my mind: NO FEAR!