The Finances of Living and Teaching English in Germany

By: Tamie Arietta

The cost of living in Germany is surprisingly reasonable compared to other European countries. Once you've decided that Germany will be your new home and certainly before you hop on a plane, create a list of all possible expenses you may have during your time abroad and compare it to your existing expenses. A great website to compare the cost of living is called: Numbeo.

The Finances of Living and Teaching English in Bucaramanga, Colombia

By: Rebecca Sirull

One great benefit of teaching in Colombia is the low cost of living, and the strength of the dollar, euro, or pound in comparison with the local peso. If you come here with a bit of savings, it will go much further than it would back home and you’ll be able to take advantage of all the amazing travel opportunities. However, the downside of a weak currency is that local wages are fairly low. That’s why so many English teachers rely on online teaching for a large part of their income. You could easily earn all that you need to live comfortably here just working a few hours a day online, but I prefer the experience of teaching classes in person, so the combination of both works well for me. Here’s a breakdown of my monthly earnings and expenses.

10 Activities to Enjoy in Madrid, Spain for Less than 10 Euros

By: Brooke Matta

Traveling in Europe doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket, especially not in Spain. After living in Spain for six months and traveling extensively around the charming country, I figured out just how affordable it can be by Western standards. If you’re traveling on a budget, your first instinct might be to shy away from metropolitan capital cities like Madrid. However, there are plenty of fun activities in Madrid that are very reasonably-priced or even free. Whether you’re just passing through or making the city your home, there are countless opportunities to create memories without breaking your bank.