Follow Me to Turkey

By: Ana Santos

I fell in love with Turkey!

As a researcher in the tourism field, and being that Turkey is the only European country with a view over Asia, a developed country full of opportunities in all kinds of business, amazing transport connections and truly friendly people, it was obviously the best choice. Turkey is at the top of the tourism chain, ranking worldwide and it should be evident why. Turkey is a country that knows a great deal about tourism and hospitality, and I am aware I have much to learn from them. Also as a non-native English speaker, I believe I could find good arguments as a potential teacher as English is not the first language used in the country. 

The director of the school in Istanbul gave me the great honor of accepting me as the only Non-native English teacher and so far, so good! Highly qualified teachers have helped give me the confidence to achieve the goals in order to become a non-native English teacher. Improving takes the guts to look for criticism as well as the courage to write, and the time and patience to voice in another language. Besides, going abroad is a great experience for any student and with such diversity and activities, as well as tourism, on offer from Turkey was certainly the best option. 

A New Life - Teaching English in Valparaiso, Chile

By: Kent Nancollas

Passing through customs we stepped into our new life – one that wasn’t supposed to start for another few years.  Left behind were those who couldn’t imagine themselves living abroad, in front of us the excitement of meeting the unknown head-on.

But it wasn’t supposed to happen this way.  Our plan was to travel after we retired.  However life sometimes throws a curve ball at you and like many, mine was losing my job.  I chose to leave behind a lucrative career in the software industry and teach English.  After three months of on-line coursework at International TEFL Academy I earned my TEFL certificate.  Jessica, my instructor in Chicago, did a masterful job of preparing the class for our teaching futures. Now I was ready to begin my new career as a professor (teacher).

Staying in the Shenzhen Shade - Teaching English in China

 By: Armand Diab

Since graduating from the International TEFL Academy in Chicago last spring (March 2013 class) and learning invaluable lessons from my two in-class instructors – Gosia and Jan, you continue to be both an inspiration and an influence to this day – I started applying for teaching jobs overseas almost immediately after receiving my diploma.

Because my teaching experience was limited (I only had 10 hours of in-class teaching curriculum experience, nothing more), so were my countries of destination: I could go to either China or South Korea (because I wanted to travel to Asia for the first time in my life, and not Europe, where I’ve been several times before).  After an online job search which lasted for more than a month, I was finally offered a teaching position by Penergy Education, a Canadian owned company.

Experience With No Regrets - Teaching English in Japan

By: Catherine Cappello 

Most people get a degree or certificate and then use it to get the job they want.  I guess I’ve just lived my life backwards.  I am currently enrolled in an online TEFL certification class in order to help get yet another job teaching abroad.

What motivated me to take a position teaching English in Japan in the first place was frustration with the education job market in the States, and the need to prove to myself and my family that the terrorist attack on 9/11 was not sufficient reason to forego the chance of a lifetime.  I had also lived in Germany and traveled extensively as a child, which instilled in me at an early age the love of seeing other parts of the world and experiencing other cultures.   The experience I had in Japan in 2002-2003 was the best (and most challenging!) I could have ever imagined.  It is because of that experience that I would like to go abroad again.