欢迎您到中国来 – Welcome to the Middle Kingdom

By: Anthony Fehr 

The Beginning

Having lived in China for two and a half years now, I can safely say that I would have never expected any – if not most – of what I’ve experienced had I stayed at home. Home for me is Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I do love my country, but I felt as though I needed a new adventure in my life. That’s where International TEFL Academy (ITA) came in. After researching many options, I couldn’t be happier that I chose ITA for my TEFL certification. My primary country of choice was, without question, Italy; I wanted to get in touch with my culture. However, once I finished my TEFL course, I spoke with an experienced traveler/teacher from the ITA Alumni Facebook Group and he recommended China. He even recommended a company to work with, so I felt like everything was falling into place faster than I could plan it. I had a Skype demo and signed a contract and before I knew it, I was on a plane flying to a country that I never thought I’d experience.

The Start of a New Chapter after Thailand

By: Courtney Clark 

Hi, I’m Courtney! I took my TEFL certification class in January 2016 and worked part-time for a while to save up money to teach abroad. I finally decided on Thailand as my destination because it was somewhere I always wanted to visit and the timing coincided perfectly with the start of their school semester. I left for Thailand in April 2017 and taught kindergarten until October 2017.

When You Find a Second Home

By: Rhea Baliwala 

I moved to Madrid 2.5 years ago, and little did I know then that it's going to be my second home. Coming from a typical Indian family, I did what I was taught as the right thing to do – graduate – work – do your Masters – find your dream job (read: well-paying corporate job) and keep going up the corporate ladder following the rat race for the rest of your life. And that’s what I did – studied accounting at the undergraduate level – worked for a while – completed my MBA in Finance and then started working for an Investment Bank called JPMorgan.

What's Next? My Journey from China to Spain

By: James Ritchey

What’s next? Isn’t this the question we ask ourselves throughout our lives? It’s certainly gone through my mind more than I can count. I’m James Ritchey, a 30-something graduate from Arkansas with a degree in biology and Spanish. I think that, like most of you, I’ve spent the majority of my life asking myself what happens next. Graduating from university, being unable to find work with my degree (I didn’t have experience, but how can you get experience without a job, right?), and ending bad relationships have all left me worrying about this seemingly simple question. Unfortunately, it’s not one that ever seems to have a simple answer.

Reelin' in the Year...and Two Months

By: Brent Wilson

Are you reeling in the years? Stowin’ away the time? The mocking lyrics of Steely Dan’s “Reelin’ In The Years” flood my California bedroom as I attempt, with mixed emotions, to put my Costa Rican experience into words. It’s now been over four months since I returned home, after spending 14 months in Heredia, Costa Rica.

Finding Cherry Blossoms in Boston

By: Becca Simas

I am a born-and-bred New Englander. The only region in America where you can drive through six states in one day and never pass an exit sign that doesn't have a Dunkin Donuts. I grew up loving clam chowder and watching the leaves change colors every October. I was born in Rhode Island, grew up in Connecticut, spent winters skiing in Vermont, and moved to Massachusetts after college. I love where I grew up, and I’m proud to call New England my home. I’ve always been a restless soul, though, and I longed to travel. Besides a family vacation to Portugal, and a week-long volunteer trip to Nicaragua in grad school, I had never traveled outside of North America. After 27 years of calling New England my home, it was time to make a change. I requested information from the International TEFL Academy, and with in a few hours, I was chatting away with Jeff, my representative, about the magic of teaching abroad. I was sold. I signed up for the online TEFL class, and within two months of earning my certification, I was ready to move halfway across the world to Japan.

Teaching Adventures in South America

By: Sophia Skaff 

I had my first teaching experience last year in Brazil. I was living in a city in the Northeast, called Aracaju, in the region Sergipe. I was placed there by the Fulbright program as an English Teaching Assistant at the Federal University of Sergipe. I held open conversation classes that students could attend. I had many students who were studying to be English Majors, as well as students from all disciplines like Engineering, Literature, Biology, etc. The levels were mixed as well, but overall most students who came weekly were in the A2 and B1 range. I presented topics that I thought would be relevant and interesting for them. I usually gave a short presentation and then opened up the class for discussion. It was a really interesting teaching experience. As I did not have a curriculum to follow, I was free to create and give my classes as I pleased. I spent nine months in Brazil, teaching, traveling and learning Portuguese.

5 Things You Realize During Your Last Week of Teaching English Abroad

By: Megan Lethbridge Tsifopanopoulos

While change can be difficult, it is also necessary for growth. Leaving my central Hungarian town of Kecskemét after two years of teaching English abroad was extremely difficult, but I knew that it was time for me to push forward into my next chapter. During my last week in Hungary, I had a lot of time to reflect on my time there and I recognized five major areas in which change was happening with the end of my time in this beautiful country.

A Journey from TEFL to Ticos to Travelling

By: Samuel Herrington

TEFL, the ticket to adventure, learning, and culture-rich experiences. The journey for me started by finding the passion for teaching as an outdoor activity instructor in the north of England. With this inspiration to help teach others, I decided it was time to do my TEFL certification.

So, I took the big old metal bird over the Atlantic ocean to the ‘Pura Vida’ vibes of Costa Rica to go back to school. I had been wanting to visit Costa Rica for some time ever since I met a ‘Tico’ when I was studying a little closer to home in Germany. Costa Ricans take pride in calling themselves Ticos and rightly so; wouldn’t you like to be associated with the ‘Pura Vida’ (Pure life) lifestyle?

Thailand to Italy… What’s next…?

By: Charity Brooks

Living abroad was only an idea, until it became reality, a vital part of who I am. It began with road trips with my friends in college; my friend was a recruiter for a university basketball team. We would pile into her car and hit the road, all accommodations paid for by the university. My best friend began working at the airport; flight benefits were at our fingertips. We traveled all over America and abroad. I became the friend who you call to go one a trip, never refusing. Then one day I found myself living in Thailand for two years and currently in Italy for the summer. "How did I get here?" I wonder to myself sometimes. It seems like an easy question, however getting here was unexpected.