Firsts: Adjustments to life in Colombia as a New English Teacher

By: Sara McKinney

Well folks, this week concludes my twelfth week in Colombia, tenth week in Cali, and my ninth week teaching English. I’ve been on a giant learning curve in regards to creating a life here for myself with a lot of firsts. I’ve miraculously and successfully completed my first solo apartment hunt, though it took about four weeks to finally find a place that met my needs (furnished, good area/location, good price. Pictures to come.) I have begun to establish myself in my school as a new teacher, equipped with the practical knowledge I gained from my online TEFL certification course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) through the International TEFL Academy.

A Day in the Life of the ITA Nicaragua Hybrid Program [With Video]

By: Chelsea Johnson

Participating in the hybrid program with ITA in León, Nicaragua, was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my career. I had taken the online TEFL certification course, which worked really well for me because I was able to get TEFL certified while also working and saving up money to move to Nicaragua. One of my favorite parts of the course was the 20 required practicum hours, which I had to complete by observing, tutoring or student teaching. I completed my practicum hours in Fort Collins, Colorado, by observing several different ESL classes as well as designing and teaching my own class for two Saudi Arabian children who were in the U.S. for a month.

Even though I completed my required practicum hours in the U.S., when I found out about the hybrid program in León, I knew it would be right for me. I had already been planning on moving to León, so it was perfect that that’s where ITA NIcaragua (ITAN) is located. It was added practice with real EFL learners in Nicaragua, and I would receive feedback and assistance with my teaching. Also, it was something to do for my first week all alone in a new country where I didn’t know anyone or have any plans. In the end, it turned out to be all of those things and so much more!

Saying "Yes": Making the Most of Your Time Abroad

By: Rachel Reger

It all started when I had an urge to travel and improve my Spanish, but spending thousands of dollars on a study-abroad program that wasn’t necessary for me to receive my degree seemed like a waste of money. While I don’t think amazing experiences are ever a waste of money, I’d prefer not to go into debt—and so I wondered if there was another way to learn more Spanish and travel without spending so much money. This led me to look into teaching abroad. Three months after graduating from college, I completed my Online TEFL Certification with International TEFL Academy and secured a teaching job with Extreme Learning Centers in Arequipa, Peru.