[Video] Teach English in Asia - Ambassador Facebook Live

Are you interested in teaching English in Asia?

We've got you covered! In this video, ITA Ambassadors Summer, Amanda and Amber share their experience living and teaching in Thailand, Japan and online in Asia. Watch them talk about their TEFL certification course, why they decided to teach English in Asia, how they found their teaching job, making friends, visa processes and more! 

Teaching English in Tokyo, Japan with Amber Jester [Video]

What's it like to live and teach English in Japan?

Watch this video to see ITA Ambassador, Amber Jester, share with us a day-in-her-life living and teaching English in Tokyo, Japan.

In this video, Amber covers: 

  • If you need a degree to teach English in Japan
  • Whether vegans have enough food options in Japan
  • What a typical work week and teaching schedule looks like for her
  • Vacation and time off
  • Job market in Japan for non-native English speakers with a BA & TEFL certification
  • Whether knowing Japanese helps when you're teaching
  • A tour of her Tokyo apartment
  • A breakdown of monthly expenses in terms of salary, rent, utilities, insurance, food, etc

[Video] Japan Virtual Meetup with ITA Ambassadors Kelsie, Charlotte & Shana

ITA Alumni Ambassadors, Shana Leigh, Kelsie Foster & Charlotte Cathey host a virtual Japan meetup and answer questions about teaching English in Japan for those that are already living there and those that are hoping to move there in the near future...

[Ambassador Video] Attending an International TEFL Academy Alumni Meetup in Kyoto, Japan

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[Ambassador Video] Festivals & Cultural Celebrations to Experience While Teaching English in Japan

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Shana Leigh shows off just some of the festivals and cultural celebrations you can experience while teaching English in Japan!

Visa Know How: Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/International Services Visa for Teaching English in Japan

Visas, Visas, Visas   — The topic no one enjoys talking about yet the topic everyone needs to know a lot about. Our ITA Alumni Ambassadors have been in your shoes when it comes to visas. It's a foreign topic to most, no matter how experienced of a traveler you are. Our Alumni Ambassadors have been through the visa process firsthand and were tasked with walking us through the steps they took for their visa. Here we have Kelsie Foster talking us through her Japan visa process...

[Ambassador Video] Teaching English in Japan - Apartment Tour

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Shana Leigh Heagwood, takes us on a tour of both her old apartment in Hikone, and her new and improved apartment in Kyoto, Japan. Get a sense for what your new life will be like living and teaching English in Japan!

[Ambassador Video] A Typical Weekend for an English Teacher in Hikone, Japan

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Shana Leigh Heagwood, reminds us that there is no typical weekend in Hikone, Japan, and that each weekend is a new opportunity to explore the city and its surrounding areas. Adventure ensues!