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Almost Brave Enough: A Review of Working at a Summer Camp in Austria & Italy

By Caroline Chadwell

That looming fear of accepting a 12-month teaching position will paralyze you out of your wits. I kept closing my eyes trying to picture myself in exotic countries: China, Thailand, Columbia, etc. That part wasn’t hard. But then I would close my eyes and picture myself in that country for 12 months, away from my family, my friends, my conveniences, and I would shake my head in despair admitting that I wasn’t brave enough.

My heart longed for adventure, but shuttered at the idea of separation. I needed a trial. Something I could do to test the waters. It would be worth it, even if it didn’t pay a lot, to just see if I could do it. That was when I received an email from the International TEFL Academy with listings for Summer Positions.

Stage Fright - Teaching Private English Lessons in Italy

By: Jenna Berens

I don’t like being the center of attention. I don’t like being at the head of a crowd. I don’t like a room full of strangers looking at me. Basically, I have stage fright. I thought that maybe going through the TEFL process and moving to Europe might help me get over it, or I thought that I would just have to suck it up because living in Europe would be worth it. No one told me that there would be a good way to avoid the problem altogether.

My boyfriend and I hatched a plan to move to Italy and teaching was the only way we knew we could make a living, so we signed up for an online certification class through the International TEFL Academy. 

Bigger and Smaller - Teaching English and Traveling in Europe

By: Kevin Nye 

I’m a lucky man. I’m lucky because I have family members in Austria and without them, I never would’ve visited Europe in 2012. If I had never visited Europe in 2012, I wouldn’t have desperately needed to return to Europe in 2014.

In late winter 2014, my then-girlfriend, now-fiancée and I decided we were going to get TEFL certified and go teach English abroad. We wanted to go to Europe, primarily Italy, and learn about the world while seeing it all firsthand. We wanted to use our natural advantage of being born in an English-speaking country, and we wanted to get paid for something we do anyway; speak to people. We enrolled in the Online TEFL Class with International TEFL Academy in May of 2014, completed our course in August, and moved on September 3 to teach English in Italy.

The People You'll Meet in Italy

By: Kevin Nye

In learning about teaching abroad, you might hear that it’s a great way to meet new people. I was personally not as excited about this part, as I figured most people would just be my students and that would be that. The other thing you hear is that it’s a great way to see the world, and that was more up my alley, so I enrolled in the International TEFL Academy’s Online TEFL Certification program in May of 2014, and shipped off to Milan, Italy in September to see the world.

Can I Teach English in Italy?

By: Jenna Berens

In September 2014, after finishing my Online TEFL Certification through the International TEFL Academy (ITA), I made the greatest decision of my life.

I moved to Italy with the hopes of teaching English as a foreign language after quitting my steady job in Chicago as a Nurse Practitioner. 

I spent nine incredible months tutoring in Milan Monday through Friday while galavanting through Italy and Europe on the weekends and holidays.