Cambodia Rising

By: Katherine John

Cambodia really is the Kingdom of Wonder. It is difficult to imagine life in another country from within the sphere of America. I wasn’t sure what it would be like, because I had no frame of reference before arriving. I had no idea there was so much mobility in Cambodia, so much opportunity for teachers. I love teaching, and I really work hard to be a good teacher for all my students. That said, I am transitioning out of the classroom, not teaching English anymore.

A Special Kind of Crazy Teaching English in Latin America

By: Rebecca Sirull

About one year ago, I hopped on a plane to begin the adventure of a lifetime teaching English abroad. I showed up in a country I had never visited before, where I didn’t know a single person, and didn’t have a job or a place to live. Somehow all the pieces fell into place and I set up a life for myself in Arequipa, Peru. Then, six months later I packed it up and started all over again. I’ve now been living in Bucaramanga, Colombia, for about four months and am loving my second move abroad.

I decided to get TEFL-certified and move to Peru right after I finished my college degree. Like many international English teachers, I wanted to travel the world, see amazing sights, meet new people, and immerse myself in a different culture. I also wasn’t too thrilled to jump into the 9-5 office life that so many of my peers were heading towards. Teaching English seemed like the perfect way to support myself while also exploring a new country.

Opening a Restaurant in Nicaragua

By: Trevor Vilsack

On April 18th 2016 I started an adventure of a lifetime when I moved my life from the United States and relocated to Leon, Nicaragua, to get TEFL certified. Upon graduation I quickly received a job at one of the Universities here called UCC as an English professor. I spent almost a year in Leon teaching at this University and it was an incredible experience. After this year I then moved to Bogota, Colombia, where I continued to teach English, this time online, and also worked at a family owned furniture store while living with this family. The purpose of moving to Bogota was to get fully immersed in Spanish and become fluent in the language, which had always been a goal of mine when moving abroad. The six months that I spent in Colombia were amazing, and when the six months had finished I decided to move back to Nicaragua. When I arrived back to Nicaragua, I continued to teach English online at first, but also started the process of my next dream, to open a restaurant!

Living La Dolce Vita: My Next Chapter in Italy

By: Alexa Hill

If you had asked me a year ago what my intentions were for going abroad to teach English in Italy, I would have said that it was a good excuse for an adventure. Like many English teachers, I wanted to explore an unknown country, completely immerse myself in a new culture, and make a year’s worth of memories before returning to America and joining the rat race. Much of my motivation for teaching English was related to my own desires to have a unique life experience, but not necessarily related to English. I saw teaching as a vehicle for world travel. If you ask me today what my intentions are, living in another country, I would say something quite different.

Knowing the Unknown - Teaching English in Taiwan

By: William Whitehead

I have never been one to be sure of anything in life. I find it is full of contradictions in every turn we make. Yet, when you set foot on a land other than your own, you know there is no other place you need to be nor want to be. I say this whole heartily even though I have returned back to my home state of Florida. Through the International TEFL Academy, I was able to teach English in Taiwan for over a year and then in Vietnam for another. During my time in these countries, I was able to grow as a person. I had traveled and even lived in foreign countries before teaching English, yet this experience provided me with something new. It simply allows you to never be stuck anywhere.

Living & Teaching English in Latin America: An Incredibly Diverse Region

By: Camille Gix

Spanish. There is my list of similarities between Ecuador and Chile, and even that is debatable with the drastic change in accent. After living in Ecuador for nearly eight months teaching English, I figured the move to Chile wouldn’t be that different. I thought, “Hey! Same language, same continent, same culture right?” Wrong.

Ecuador, named for its location in the middle of the earth, is relatively warm, year-round, especially where I lived, in a small town near to the coast. Humid and hot, with a lively culture mixed with a native flair, Ecuador is what you would expect of a South American country. With a slow, smooth and song-like Spanish, learning the language was a wonderful experience. People in Ecuador are warm, family-oriented, and life in general in slower and much more relaxed than that of the United States.

Romania to Texas

By: Jennifer Polcyn

After spending a year and half teaching English in Brasov, Romania, I decided to come home to finish my college degree and see what other opportunities awaited back home. The coming home transition was challenging and took much longer than I anticipated. To be honest, I’ve been back for a year now and I am just now starting to feel like I’m back home.

"Maestra" to "Ms. Flores"

By: Maryclare Flores

The days of cramming myself into the metrobus, getting kissed everyday by the lovely señora in the cafeteria for my morning coffee, and hearing “Maestra! Maestra!” was over.

As I was on the plane home, exhausted from crying all night the night before with my friends in Mexico, I was suddenly calm. This will feel good, I thought. Weird, but good.

Después de México (After Mexico)

By: Patrick McCorkle

On November 17, 2017, my “Mexican Adventure” came to an end. I returned to the USA after having lived the past 10.5 months in Toluca, the capital of the state of Mexico. The city is in Mexico's heartland and two hours away from Mexico City. Don't get me started on the awful traffic...

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