An English Teacher Tips for Traveling Through Asia

By: Carey Bibb

Usually, people who teach English in Japan are able to save a lot of money while doing so, especially if they live in a small city like the one in which I currently reside. When I accepted the job on the JET Program, I knew that my salary would be quite nice and that I would have the opportunity to save money if I wanted to. However, more than saving money, what I really wanted to do was travel around Asia -- a part of the world that I had never visited before.

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Who Brought a Cat on the Bus? Adopting a Pet in South Korea


By: Katie McKindley 

Last spring I took the online TEFL course with International TEFL Academy (ITA). I’m so grateful I chose to get my TEFL certification through ITA because they helped me to launch my new life here in South Korea. I’ve also felt so much support from their Alumni Association!

After getting settled in Korea, it wasn’t long before I noticed all the stray animals. There are dogs everywhere tied on short leashes, limited to an old blanket and forced to eat food scraps. These dogs are doing their best to cover their noses from the insanely cold wind chill. The cats can explore farther because they’re not tied up, but they’re still freezing. Walking home from work, I see cats tearing open bags of compost, trying to find a meal wherever possible. It is a way of life here, but if you’re an animal lover at all, it’s heartbreaking to see.