[Ambassador Video] Attending an International TEFL Academy Alumni Meetup in Kyoto, Japan

[Ambassador Video] Eat Your Way Around Nishiki Market While Teaching English in Kyoto, Japan

[Ambassador Video] Festivals & Cultural Celebrations to Experience While Teaching English in Japan

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Shana Leigh shows off just some of the festivals and cultural celebrations you can experience while teaching English in Japan!

[Ambassador Video] Teaching English in Japan - Apartment Tour

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Shana Leigh Heagwood, takes us on a tour of both her old apartment in Hikone, and her new and improved apartment in Kyoto, Japan. Get a sense for what your new life will be like living and teaching English in Japan!

[Ambassador Video] A Typical Weekend for an English Teacher in Hikone, Japan

ITA Alumni Ambassador, Shana Leigh Heagwood, reminds us that there is no typical weekend in Hikone, Japan, and that each weekend is a new opportunity to explore the city and its surrounding areas. Adventure ensues!